Doreen Celebrates Over 17 Years Of Living With HIV/AIDS On World's AIDS Day

'Believe in yourself like a religion'

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Social media activist and Influencer for HIV/AIDS Doreen Moraa Moracha has taken to her socials to celebrate World Aids Day.

Moracha Doreen was born HIV positive, but she didn't learn this until she was 13 years old, her parents knew about her condition when she was eight years old and kept it from her. She kept it a secret and was pulled from treatment for two years due to stigma and treatment fatigue. 

After accepting her status Moreen now uses her own lived experience to advocate against HIV/AIDS stigma, and she has even amassed a sizable online following for her work amplifying the HIV message. The International Stigma Conference gave Doreen the 2020 Stigma Warrior Award.

On her social media, Doreen often shares pictures of her taking her medication. She is never afraid to show off to the world to curb social and self-stigma. In an interview with CNN Moreen revealed that the stigma faced by people living with HIV/AIDS was from society or even self-inflicted stigma.

To celebrate World Aids Day Moreen has posted a photo taking her medication. She has outlined her profile saying that she is of age 30 years and has known her condition for over 17 years. Moreen went ahead to state that to her World Aids Day is every day.

In a previous interview with Daily Nation Moreen cited how it was difficult for her to get a boyfriend, she said that she had once been involved with an HIV-negative boyfriend, and immediately after he learned of her status he ghosted her. 

"HIV is not a death sentence I will say this over and over again if it was I’d be dead… I’ve seen the reaction in here about HIV and relationships and trust me I feel sad most people don’t know their HIV status, don’t know their partners status, and don’t want to use protection, I remember the first guy I told that I was positive I did it via SMS and he didn’t believe me, so he asked that we get tested and that we did, of course, my test was + his negative, and that was the last time I ever saw that guy but I didn’t blame the guy I knew he was just coming from everyone’s school of thought that if you date a positive person you automatically get infected ….

and over the years I have had to deal with that but the fact is you can date a positive person and don’t get infected if their viral load is suppressed, then you can't get infected you can even have negative babies." She said.
The stigma has however not stopped her from advocating for people living with the disease. She has traveled across the world sharing her story and has been interviewed by big media houses in the world like CNN and BBC. 

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