Is Eve Mungai The Next Diana B?

YouTuber teases new music career.

By  | Mar 18, 2023, 04:25 PM  | Diana Marua  | Top of The

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Is Eve Mungai the next influencer celebrity who is going to transition into music? Well, it seems so!

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More and more online stars including Vera Sidika and Cartoon Comedian are deeping their toes in the music industry- call it the Diana Marua effect. Diana famously created her rap persona called Diana B and has enjoyed great success as an artiste.

Now, YouTube sensation Eve Mungai is the latest to tease a music career. Yesterday, she took to her Instagram Story to show off her potential music persona, and captioned the snap saying, "Very soon msanii."

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Is Eve Mungai cheating on Trevor?
Director Trevor isn’t about to get played. On Friday, the video director who doubles as Eve Mungai's boyfriend became suspicious of her after he felt she was making him too happy lately.

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“She Been Making Me TOO Happy I’m Going Through Dat Phone TONIGHT😂👀,” Trevor posted on Instagram. The suggestion being that Eve is trying to mask potential cheating by overcompensating with sweetness towards her boyfriend.

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The relationship between the two has been goals for many. Eve Mungai and director Trevor first met in  2019 in Thika, Kenya's Kiambu County. The two had traveled to Thika Town for a photo session, with Trevor serving as the photographer.

However, Mungai and Trevor were both involved in failing relationships, according to Mungai, and so they decided to leave. Eve Mungai then requested his phone number so she could later get her images.

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Two years later, though, Eve has still not gotten the pictures. However, Trevor told Eve he intended to date her along the way. Eve initially reprimanded him. But after some time, she realized he was sincere and committed to dating her, so she decided to take a chance on him.

The content creator has been at crossroads with fellow content creator Andrew Kibe. Kibe had criticized the relationship between Eve and Trevor and prophesied doom against it and the couple could not let Kibe get away with it.
Eve immediately started firing shots at Kibe saying that in his old age, she could not understand how he had the time to insult young and uprising personalities in the industry.

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Eve went on to say that for a divorced man (Kibe), to have the audacity to lecture her on how relationships should work when he is not in any functioning relationship was outright disrespectful and that he had no right to give such unsolicited advice. 
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