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Within one month, Diamond Platnumz's baby mamas - Zari Hassan, and Hamisa Mobetto - have been awarded top state jobs by the Tanzanian government.

About three weeks ago, Zari was appointed Tanzania's Tourism Ambassador by the country ministry of tourism.

The Ugandan International was appointed Tanzania's Tourism Ambassador when she visited the country to market a product for which she is its brand ambassador.

On the day of her appointment, Zari met with Tanzania's Tourism Minister - Hon Minister Dr. Damas Ndumbalo - and Diamond's manager, and MP Babu Tale (an influential person in the Tanzanian parliament).

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present HER👉Tourism Ambassador Tanzania," Zari announced her new role on social media.

Zari's appointment to the ambassadorial job seemed peculiar since first of all, she is not a Tanzanian. Secondly, she does not even live in the country.

One might argue that she might understand the country better because she dated Tanzania's singer Diamond hence makes her know the country well but that is not the case. When she was dating Diamond she was mostly residing in South Africa. Actually, one of the reasons why they broke up is because of the long-distance relationship that according to Diamond, was the reason why he cheated on her.

These reasons make you wonder if she qualified for the job since it requires someone who has a good understanding of the country and its people.

Eighteen days after Zari was appointed Tourism ambassador, Diamond's Tanzania's baby mama was also appointed as an ambassador but in a different ministry.

Hamisa was appointed the tax compliance ambassador by Tanzania's parliament.

While thanking Tanzania's government for the appointment, Hamisa noted that her appointment was because the government acknowledges the youth in nation-building.

"Nimshukuru Pia Rais wangu Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan na serikali nzima akiwemo Waziri wa Fedha na Mipango @mwigulunchemba kwa kuendelea kuamini vijana kwenye ujenzi wa Taifa letu!" Hamisa noted.

The argument that she is a youth and a Tanzanian seems right with the appointment but the question is; was must have been someone close to Diamond? That is a question the Tanzanian government can answer.

The appointment might be due to the influence Diamond has on the government. Diamond, an influential person in Tanzania, has a good relationship with Tanzania's ruling party CCM and the government.

The Baba Lao hitmaker, an openly CCM supporter, has occasionally been seen hanging out with bother government officials including President Samia Suluhu and the party's leadership. He has also not only seen campaigning for the party but supporting the government's agenda.

Just weeks before the appointments of his baby mamas into the state's jobs, Diamond met a top government official saying he met him to discuss matters affecting the youth.

"Wakati mzuri leo katika Ofisi Ndogo za Chama na Katibu wa NEC, Itikadi na Uenezi Mpya wa CCM Ndugu yangu Shaka Hamdu Shaka.

"Nimetumia wakati huo kumng'ata sikio juu ya matarajio yetu kwa Chama na Serikali katika Sekta ya Habari, Sanaa na Burudani, na amenihakikishia changamoto zote zitafanyiwa kazi na tabasamu litazidi kuonekana,"
Diamond said after the meeting.

With this influence and closeness to the government, it is very easy for the singer to influence an appointment of his baby in their new roles.

On the other hand, the two - Hamisa and Zari - might have been appointed due to their international reach and influence they have. 
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