"Conceiving Was Very Difficult"

Celebrities that had a hard time getting pregnant

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One of the most famous sayings in Kenyan culture is that 'mtoto akikuja hukuja na sahani yake' that directly translates to 'when I child comes they come with their own plate'... when a child gets born, even though you do not have any money, a place to stay, food to eat, there will always be provisions for the child, there will always be a warm place to rest their heads in the evening when the day is over.
But what if the place to rest the heads was there, but the baby wasn't?
Some of us have had experiences with women that found it difficult to get pregnant no matter how much they tried or how much money they poured into the venture. The longing, the sad nights from the hospital, forcing smiles for the public. It is no easy feat.
But when the child comes, there are no words to describe how happy a mother becomes.
Here, we've put a small list of some (now) celebrity moms who had initially found it debilitatingly difficult to get pregnant due to many complications, but succeeded and are now living and loving the mom life as well!

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon has been very vocal about her journey in getting pregnant ever since she and her boyfriend Frankie Just Gym It. 
Due to her struggle with endometriosis, she revealed that it was very difficult for her to get pregnant and she had even given up on trying.
She calls her baby a miracle baby because of this. Adorable. 


Kambua is so pure to so many people that when the news of a pregnancy arose in the streets after her miscarriage and many many years of childlessness, the internet streets were alive with joy and celebration for the new bundle of joy the fanbase was about to receive.
And even after she announced the tragic passing of her second child just a few days after he was born, everybody was down in mourning for the little one.
Kambua has not been quiet about her pregnancy women to the public. She has shared her journey with her fans, often talking of how difficult it was to even get pregnant in the first place. 


Akothee is a proud mum of 5 kids that she says were supposed to be six. According to her, before she became rich she was so poor that one of her children passed away because she could not afford money to take them to the hospital after they contracted pneumonia
That was not the only motherly woe this woman had to go through, according to Akothee, she also suffered a miscarriage in Switzerland and lost twins. She received very many letters wishing for her death over there, because of this. 
That was her very last pregnancy. 

Size 8

Size 8 found herself revealing some very secret things about herself and her husband when the rumors about her being pregnant arose.
She took to her instgram account, finally revealing that yes, she had been experiencing a long of faith-testing due to a miscarriage she had experienced. 
She revealed that she was extremely angry with God after that, seeing as she had gone through a lot when it came to conceiving. 

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