Brenda Wairimu's Big Lips Give Her Millions

Celebrities open about struggles with body parts

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Brenda Wairimu has opened up about how she struggled with her some of her body parts.

The actress noted that growing up she hated how big her lips were but, they later turned out to be a blessing.

According to Wairimu, it is the big lips that gave her her first paid advert.

"I hated my big lips growing up, they ended up being the reason I got this gig...there is a lesson in there somewhere," she said.

Reacting to Wairimu's post, comedian Nyce Wanjeri also revealed that growing up she hated her big eyes were while growing up.

Wanjeri also said the eyes she hated have now become an asset in her acting career.

"I hated my eyes they are big and I was, aaah okay I am still slender now they are my asset in acting 😍," Wanjeri said.

While Dan Sonko noted that for him his head was the center of mockery

"Mimi na hii kichwa yangu kubwa kitu nimesumbua watu nayo ni kukuwa kichwa ngumu!" He said.

The recent confessions come two years after actress Jacky Vikes commonly known as Awinja revealed that growing up she constantly faced ridicules and mockeries about her jaws.

According to Awinja, she would not take close-up photos because she feared people would mock her jaws.

"So wacheni niwapatie ka story, you would never have seen a closeup picture of myself because I was always told 'Ukona jaws mbaya! Jaws zinakaa mbao imechongwa, Jaws za Kanye West, Jaws za mtu Hajakula miezi kadhaa, jaws ugly!" Awinja said.
Jacky Vike. Photo: Courtesy

She further revealed she would only show up for videos after knowing how to hide her jaws by covering them with long braids or wigs.

"I would only show a close up on video since I knew how to maneuver and hide them, I would always have long braids/wigs to hide," she said.

To confront her insecurities, the Papa Shirandula actress said she decided to shave her hair and show the world her jaws.

"I later realized this is something I cannot change, and therefore I chose to embrace them, by donning short hair or show them more," Awinja noted.
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