Vivian Says She Is Ready To Work With Azziad

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Good news here guys! Azziad and Vivian have made peace with each other but I bet you already know that! right? Vivian has announced that she is ready to work with Azziad because she thinks that she is so talented and we are not denying that I mean, what can’t she do? she can act, dance, and host a show on radio- even I wish I was that talented.
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Speaking at Mr. Seed’s album launch, Vivian did one of those interviews and of course the interviewer was going to bring up Azziad. An unrelaxed Vivian was like, errr, hizi maswali ni ngumu. At least mngetutumia mapema tu prep. I’m sure most listeners couldn’t wait to hear what she was going to say next. Was she going to say something negative? So when she revealed that the past is in the past, we were here like, phew! Vivian and Azziad are both talented in different ways. They are the duo that you never expected but then once they start working on a project, it’s over for you guys! 

Before I even go further, did you see how Vivian looked ah-mazing on the red carpet alongside her hubby during the album launch? They are giving me so much pressure. Now I want to look like that when I grow up- I mean, when I get a man.

So Vivian recently announced that she has shifed to the gospel industry. God called her and there was no way she was not going to accept the calling. Is she working on new music? An album? She has already released one song and honestly, we are loving it.  Now that Azziad is talented, which role is she going to be given in Vivian’s project? Is she going to appear on one of her music videos? Or are they going to come up with ways in which she is going to promote her songs on her tiktok account?

The question that you probably have in your mind right now is, will Azziad be able to pull a gospel video?
The answer is yes! Azziad can pull of anything. Have you seen her tiktok lately? She can work with any song genre. So for those who think she won’t be able to pull this, you are wrong sis! Baby girl is about to blow the roof with her talent!

In case you are new to this, Azziad and Vivian’s beef started when Vivian did an interview and revealed that Azziad wanted to be paid first before she could promote her song that featured Simple Boy. But as Vivian said before, she has made peace with Azziad, the two are no longer beefing and they talk once in a while. And that is why we are here, for the love and for the positivity. Sure, get mad about something but don’t hold onto it for a long time. That might mess up your progress in life. For now, we are super excited to see what these two are going to release. Whether it’s an album or a single, we will wait for it. All the best guys! 

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