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First-time member of parliament Felix Odiwour alias Jalang'o is over the moon after the recent survey by Leeway Africa Research Agency ranked him in the top 10 best-performing parliamentarians in the country.

Jalango came in at number 10 and considering this is his first time as a member of parliament and that he has only been in office for just 8 months he couldn't be happier.

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The Lang'ata member of parliament had this to say on his Instagram page, "No 10 is not bad for a first-time Mp in 8 months! I am sure tukiendelea hivi we will soon take our rightful position! Thank you my Langata people! Hapa ni kazi tu! Congratulations Hon Babu Owino."

Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino was listed as the top followed by Karemba Muchangi of Runyenjes and Ndindi Nyoro of Kiharu.

It is no doubt that Jalang'o has really achieved a lot having started from the bottom. Just recently he revealed that he is having aviation classes to fulfill his desire of becoming a pilot.

The lawmaker said that it has been his lifetime desire to fly an airplane and that dream might soon become a reality once he completes his studies and obtains a license.

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"I just need a private pilot license. One day you will see a plane approaching the airport and it will be my voice asking the control towers for permission to land," he said.

He went further to reveal that fellow celebrity Dj Joe Mfalme is in the same class as him adding that he had kept the information about going to aviation school under wraps because he didn't want criticism and being accused of financing his studies with public funds.

"DJ Joe Mfalme is in class, I am also in class, but I have never shared photos because people will start claiming that I am using public money which is not true," he explained.
This comes even as the politician battles accusations of betraying his political party led by Azimio leader Raila Odinga. 
Since joining politics, he has been at a crossroads with his party leader Raila Odinga. It started when he visited President Ruto in the state house for what he termed a development meeting. 

However, in an interview with Spice Fm Jalang'o defended his visit to the State House saying it was not a political meeting but rather a meeting based on the development agenda.

"There is no single campaign that I have not mobilized and been part of, so don't question my loyalty to Raila Amollo Odinga," he added.

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