Andy Kibe's Most Outrageous Confession

Did he just say that?

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Andy Kibe is currently the talk of the town after he confessed in one of her videos that he once struggled with self-pleasure. Yeah, you heard me, Andy Kibe recalled how he used to m**********e in 1998. He tried it for six months but apparently, things were not working out for him, so he stopped.

1998 I nyongad for like 6 months and was like naaah. Cause I started late, I was able to stop it. There a time I Nyongad, I think it was in 1998. In 1998 there was a kashift in my life, I nyongad for a couple of months and I said f**k it, I never doing that s**t no more

Well, luckily for Kibe, he was able to not fall as a prisoner to that habit. Also, who would come out and talk about self pleasure? Wueh? Andy Kibe is one vocal celebrity and for sure, he wants to be the one holding the crown forever. Imagine making a video and start talking about m*********n? ah, we will have to give Kibe that one.

After losing his radio job, Kibe moved to the US where he started a youtube channel and chille! He has no chills at all. He talks about anyone and throws words without filters. He has called out a number of celebrities thanks to what I currently happening in our country. According to Kibe, these celebs are sleeping on their jobs while they are supposed to be speaking for the common mwananchi. He said that they only care about themselves and not the citizens who are actually making them famous.
Eric Omondi said nothing. Jalas said nothing. Betty nothing. None of these mfs opened their mouth to say what’s happening in the country. Everybody is quiet. Yur people are being nyanyaswad on the streets. Sill a^ bit^^. It’s good I have you guys here. Sh^^ is going on in your country. But the police. Because of someone who is in the air. They use the police to disrupt the event. All you visitors are fools. You have accepted to be made fools out of. Mnasema aaii who is going to save us from this impunity. Do not allow your rights to be taken. Lambistic piece of sh^^. 

With every video, Andy Kibe has to trend because of the things he says in his videos. he has called out celebs like Kamene Goro, his former work partner, who by the way, warned him against mentioning her name. other celebrities include Betty Kyallo, Frankie Just Gym it, and Corazon Kwamboka.
What do you think about Kibe’s confession? Do you think it is absurd? Would you openly talk about sexual pleasure? Wuehh! Andy Kibe needs counseling wallahi. It is not every day that you come across sensitive topics, let alone talk about them openly in your channel. Andy Kibe has got guts, honestly, that is the only thing I admire from him. He speaks his mind, he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, his opinion matters.

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