Amber Lulu Brutally Beaten

Her life is in danger

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Troubles in Amber Lulu's life seem not to be ending soon. Just a month after online trolls attacked her baby, the singer now claims that she's is in an abusive relationship.

On Friday, the Tanzanian songstress revealed that she is currently in a relationship where she is physically being abused.

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Taking to her Instagram stories, Amber revealed to her fans videos of bruises she got from the physical attacks from her lover. she showed bruises on her face, hands, and thighs.

The Jini Kisirani hitmaker noted that she was tired of being patient with her relationship. She said that her patience might lead to her untimely death.

Amber said that she does not want to die at the moment since her child is still young.

"Navumilia mwisho wa siku nije kumuacha mdongo sana sana," she said.

At the moment, it is not immediately clear who the identity of the man Amber is dating at the moment and behind the physical abuse. This is because she has always managed to keep her love life under the wraps.

Last month, however, while her child was being trolled, Tanzanian rapper Hamorapa claimed that he was dating her and he was the father of her child. Amber Lulu, however, refuted his claims.

Amber Lulu noted that Hamorapa was once her boyfriend in the past but she was longer with neither was he the father of her baby.

"Kuna muda kuna vitu unavyovifanya unanielewa, ila kuna muda vile vitu unavyovifanya vinakuja kukukosti... Kuna vitu mtu anakuja kuviweka wewe na motto wako unajua hivi nikiongea kuhusu mototo, aliyezaa mototo mi ndio namjua au mtu anavyoongelea mtoto wako vibaya kwenye mtandano, wewe mzaa ndio unajua uchungu wa mtoto," Amber told Wasafi Digital.

In one of the clips that she showed, however, the mother of one shortly showed a man in her house. The man in the video was carrying her baby as he watched the television.

It is not immediately clear whether it is the man he showed on the clip that is behind her physical injuries.

Two years ago, rumors emerged that Amber Lulu was having an affair with another woman's husband.

Amber was accused of running away with the husband of a Tanzanian video vixen, Haitham.

The rumors emerged days she dumped her Kenyan boyfriend CMB Prezzo. She said she said she dumped the rapper because their relationship lacked love.

Amber later confirmed that she was having an affair with Haitham's husband.

“Kwa nini mwanaume kamuacha yeye kaja kwangu. Hapo ndio pa kujiuliza. Haitham kwa sasa ananyonyesha, ni vyema akajituliza kuliko kurusha matusi mitandaoni. Haisaidii maana huyo mwanamume kurudi kwake ni ndoto,” Amber was quoted by the Nairobi News.

Following the physical abuse, Amber Lulu is now joining a couple of other several female celebrities who have experienced physical abuse in their relationships. Some of the celebrities who have been abused in their relationships include, Vera Sidika, Ann Kiguta, Zari Hassan, and Nicah the Queen.
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