Akuku Danger Sets Up A Paybill Number As He Seeks Kenyans' Help To Clear Medical Bill

A cry for help

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Popular comedian Akuku Danger who mainly entertains Kenyans on the Churchill Show platform is seeking financial help from his fans to clear his pending medical bill. The comedian has been hospitalized at the Nairobi West Hospital for over 2 weeks and was due to be discharged on Monday.

He however has not been able to leave the hospital as they have detained him due to the pending bill which amounts to over Ksh. 800,000. His girlfriend Sandra Dacha came out to inform his fans of his unfortunate situation on Tuesday via her Instagram.

The comedian yesterday posted the details of an M-Pesa paybill of how fans and all able and willing Kenyans can come to his rescue.

“I never asked to be in this position, half of this year has been months and months of hospital admissions due to sickle cell anaemia which has since drained me both mentally, financially and even physically and that's why I come to you guys seeking help.”

“It's been challenging but I'm hanging in there. Msichoke na  Mimi. For any financial support kindly use the Paybill Number 8024409,Account Name: AKUKU MEDICAL FUND.” He captioned the post.

His girlfriend Sandra who has been really supportive during his sickness also used her social media to push for Kenyans to help him get the funds.

“You requested for Akuku Danger’s paybill number. You stood with us before and we are here again seeking for medical help. Any amount will go along way. Stay blessed.”

Akuku danger has a chronic disease called Sickle Cell Anemia. He was born with the disease which weakens a person’s immune system making them vulnerable to other kinds of diseases. It therefore results in the person being sick more times than not.

The sickness has affected Akuku’s comedy career a great deal. He was gaining momentum on the popular Churchill Show becoming one of the headliners for the weekly show. But now the sickness keeps him away most of the times making it hard for him to make consistent appearances.

Towards the end of last year, Mwalimu Churchill who is his boss at Churchill show revealed in one of the shows how the comedian has been battling the disease since birth and it was getting worse at that time. He requested the people present to contribute something to help offset the medical bills and also promised that part of the proceedings from that particular show would go into sorting his medical bills.

It is always very hard to manage sickness especially the ones that require delicate care frequently. The cost of healthcare in the country is a serious issue. The rising cost of living and tough economic times makes it even harder to access and pay for quality healthcare.

A lot of Kenyans online have already started to share the Paybill number on their social pushing the campaign to raise the amount to offset the medical bill. It is always great to see Kenyans come together to help out someone in need. We wish Akuku Danger the very best during this difficult times.
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