Acha Niongee - Kenyan Man Who Has Left Many In Stitches

Maoni si ni yake?

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Many Kenyans online woke up to a surprise comedy show on the morning of Tuesday, November 29, 2022 after a viral video broke the headline.

In the video, a rather angry man is seen trying to convince those that were around him to let him speak to the press who already had microphones on him. 

As it appeared, all those who were around him did not seem to want to give him that opportunity as some were seen trying to push him away from the cameras denying him the opportunity to air his thoughts and views.

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The pushing and pulling, however, was not what attracted the attention of viewers. It was his undying hope. Even after all seemed lost and the microphones had been taken, the man fought back vehemently. This he did using his mouth. 
He constantly repeats the phrase, “Wacha niongee” swahili to mean “Let me talk”. It was his aggression and the energy which he used that made the entire incident funny. 

Because of the shortness of the clip, it is not clear whether he was eventually let to speak or missed the opportunity.

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Netizens quickly took to the comments section and made their thoughts on the issue well known. Keeping in mind that more than ninety percent of them made fun of the situation.
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From celebrities to “local men” everybody had their say.

One instagram user, only identified as mesee, was first to highlight how there is never a dark moment in Kenya.

“Ukiwa Kenya huezi boeka lazima tu ucheke” wrote the user. Loosely translating to “When you are in Kenya you must laugh”

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VDJ Jones, a popular producer also weighed in and compared the man's reaction to the reaction one would give after they go missing with their friends' drinks and they decide to harass them.
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“Ukiulizwa na mbogi mzinga imeenda wapi” he posted, Loosely translating to “When the gang asks where you have taken their drink”

Another social media user, identified as Skido bonky, was quick to predict that the man is about to be famous and would probably appear in many endorsement deals in the foreseeable future.

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“Soon huyu jamaa atakua kwa media & endorsements ka zote, ashatrend ivo” posted the social media user. Loosely translating to “Soon this guy will be in all media and endorsements, he is the trend, just like that”

Other comments include:
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“Kenya sahii zile shida zimejaa manze Kila mtu anadai ongea but acha aongee” stated a user identified as, its madream.

“Huyu Mzee ako na crowd kuliko zuchu” Posted Kaylor, an instagram user.

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“Na upate analia ivo vyote na ni kumeza tu mate anataka” Posted another, identified as OG.

Well, anyone who has been around this country knows for a fact that one small deed in this country can turn you into an instant sensation and even a celebrity. Microwave success is in the offing in this country.

But you never know, perhaps maybe you are next in line.
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