Is This Marya Prude’s New Man?

The hints

By  | Oct 14, 2021, 07:59 AM  | Willis Raburu  | Relationships

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If you are a celebrity, by now you probably know that anything that you will do, the whole world, in this case, Kenyans are watching. So Marya Prude has been hanging with one man lately. He goes by the name Sultan on social media. Yesterday, Marya Prude posted his picture on her Instagram stories with the caption my boyfriend for the day, but she later deleted it because you know, she knew that would cause such a frenzy so I think she did the right thing by deleting it.

Sultan, however, is having the best time hanging with Marya Prude. I mean, who wouldn’t, she seems like a nice pretty lady, and judging by her social media, she is such a fun person to hang with. Marya Prude has always been open about the type of men that she wants to date. One particular thing that she always says is that she should be tall, dark, and ‘meaty’. I am not going to mention names but do you already see the pattern? Yeah, me too.
According to Sultan’s Instagram, he is about the life of the party just like Marya. They are all about positivity and living life, taking a step at a time. Come to think of it, these two really complement each other. Sultan seems like he is around his late thirties, has a couple of facial piercings, and has a huge smile on his face.

It has been some time no since Marya Prude was officially single. After separating from media personality Willis Raburu, Marya has never gone public or talked about her relationships. Who knows, she might be dating, or not. Bu judging by how her last relationship, how things started off and ended, I don’t think she would a repeat of that. so chances are, we will never know who she is dating until when she will be comfortable to actually come out and say that, hey guys, this is my man.

Marya Prude recently had a question and answer segment on her Instagram and two questions stood out. Now that she has never stepped out with any man after Willis, a fan asked her whether she was a member of the LGBTQ. How do celebrities handle some questions from their fans? Anyway, Marya revealed that she is very straight and likes her ‘men’. The second question was about her wedding dress. She revealed that she still keeps it despite everything that happened.
Sultan seems like a nice man. If these two are just friends, well, they have a beautiful friendship. Even I would want someone who buys me drinks every weekend, lol. We wish Marya Prude the best n her life. Whether she will decide to go public with her relationship or not, it is her decision and her fans need to chill out and stop putting unnecessary pressure on her. Every time she has a question and answers session on her Instagram, they are always revolving around her personal life. But anyway, I think that comes with being a celebrity.

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