Wedding Bells? Stevo Teases His Big Day!

Mambo mengi, masaa machache...

By  | Aug 13, 2022, 10:39 AM  | Relationships

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Few things get us more excited on a Saturday than a wedding. And Stevo Simple Boy has delighted us with news of possible upcoming nuptials.

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Stevo has hinted that he will be walking down the isle with his fiance Gee. The famous pair got engaged three weeks ago in a viral proposal. And now, they could be close to taking their relationship to the next level in a glamorous white wedding right after the elections.

"Mambo ni mengi masaa ndo machache... Nemeingoja Sana hii siku... Baada ya uchaguzi," Stevo posted on his Instagram. He caption was accompanying a picture of a beautiful wedding reception set up.

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The big move
Stevo's fiancé Gee had earlier on suggested that she was about to move in with Stevo as they still have their separate houses currently. She went on her Instagram page to claim that it won't be long before the loved-up couple move in together following their recent engagement. In an 'ask me anything' session with her followers, Gee was asked by a fan if she's started living with Stevo yet. She responded to the question saying, "Very soon, can't wait."

The couple seems to have survived the recent dramas involving three men from Gee's past who came out to claim that they were either still dating her or had one-night stands with her.

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The TikToker recently posted a sweet message to Stevo to express her desire to be with him happily ever after, and it seems she is eager to spend even more time together. "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams❣️ I love you Mr champion @stivo.simpleboy8," she posted.

Gee who revealed that she is 23 years old, is an actress by profession and also runs her own business. On the topic of Stevo's ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy, Gee has said that she respects her and the history she has with Stevo. However, she said that she would never and has never thought about talking to her.

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"Watu Waoane" - Pritty Vishy
One person who has given her blessings to Stevo and Gee's union is Pritty Vishy. Stevo's ex recently admitted on her own Instagram that she has no ill will towards the couple.

"How are you feeling that Stevo has proposed to his girlfriend?" asked a fan. Pritty Vishy answered, "Am really happy for them. Watu waone buana."

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"Do you regret leaving Stivo and seeing him proposing to another woman?" she was asked ny another fan. Vishy responded, "Niki regret mniue, infact mninyonge."
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