Trevor Absent As Eve Mungai Lands Back From Qatar

Fans and media receive Eve at JKIA.

By  | Nov 29, 2022, 01:00 PM  | Relationships

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Eve Mungai landed back in the country at 3am in the morning and was greeted at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by fans and media who braved the cold. But one person who was conspicuously missing was her boyfriend Trevor.

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The duo who are both lovers and workmates were separated for the first time in a long time when Eve flew off to enjoy a World Cup match, leaving him behind at home.

What followed were a lot of online rumours and theories as to why Eve went to this once-in-a-lifetime trip without her boo. But she addressed those rumours directly when she landed. Explaining that it was more of a business decision than a personal one, Eve said, "As a company we're really growing, and we'll always have to divide some work."

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She also added that she's sad at people who were speculating that there is trouble between her and Trevor or that she doesn't value him because of the solo trip. "I feel sad for some peopl who thought, oh, sijui nimeenda pekee yangu for some silly reasons- vitu funny funny tu watu wanacomment pale. But it is always about work, coz pia huku kulikuwa na some events that were happening."

Eve also acknowledged that she wasn't able to land an interview with the new Kenyan celeb in Qatar, Metro Man. Although they managed to speak on phone and arrange for an on-camera interview, it failed to materialize. And she says that she will disclose the reasons at a future date, suggesting that something nefarious happened to scuttle the big interview.

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"Mwenye hukula hii mali..." - Eve's teasing snap
A few weeks back, Eve Mungai posted a teasing snap showing off her petite curves and smooth legs, and she borrowed a naughty street pick up line for her caption.

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This was one the 22-year-old YouTube queen's comeback posts after getting hospitalized. In all of them, she had been showing extra love to her boyfriend and collaborator Trevor for being there with her during the tough illness. And in this particular one, she wanted to let her 500,000 followers just who warms her bed... and body at night. "Mwenye hukula hii mali huskia fiti sio eti nini 😂♥️ @director_trevor," she wrote.

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That didn't stop DJ Shiti from leaving a thirsty comment though. The ex House Helps of Kawangware funnyman reacted to Eve's sexy pic with approval saying, "Safii🔥🔥🔥😍"

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