Terryanne Opens Up On Her Wedding Plans

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By  | Apr 08, 2021, 12:58 PM  | Terryannye Chebet  | Relationships

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Media personality Terryanne Chebet opened up on wanting to get married and raising two daughters. The businesswoman said it is easy for her to be a single mother as she was used to it from an early age.

The mother of two said that she doubts herself when it comes to taking up the duties of a wife. She spoke in an interview with a local radio station.

She admitted that she finds it difficult since she is used to making her own choices and matching to the beat of her own drums.

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"Being a single mum is something I have always been and so it comes naturally and I do not know how not to be. That is one of the challenges that I always tell myself, nitaweza kweli kuwa bibi mzuri wa kukaa nyumbani?"

"I would like to be a wife but I am so used to being on my own and being independent and doing things my way. Knowing my place and depending on my own decisions."

On parenting her teenage daughter and her three-year-old, Terryanne said she co-parents with their fathers and has surrounded the girls with a village to help mentor them especially her 14-year-old.

"When my daughter turned 11 years, I used to feel like she hates me. She was completely different. I realised that I needed her dad more in her life than ever before. That is exactly what I did."

The mother two explained that she got her daughter to be comfortable with her dad’s family and that nourished her relationship with that side of the family.

"I think the more people you have in life, godmother, aunts... Girls need as many influencers around them as a teenager. That is what exactly I did by involving his family side to feel she is in a family so she knows that if she lets me down, she lets everyone down," she said.

"Talking to her as much as possible and now she is very comfortable with me. She is turning 15 years and it is not easy, as the mother you have to keep talking to her. You should make her comfortable to talk to you."

Last week Terryanne came out to clear her name after her relationship with ex Citizen TV journalist Jackie Maribe sunk. She explained that a lot of false narratives were sold when Maribe was arrested and during the hearing in a murder case.

According to Chebet the end of the friendship started when after rumours circulated that the friends were not there for her when she needed them the most.

"During that period a lot of things were said that were not true about the kind of support she received and the friends that she had. The truth is that we visited her at Lang'ata Women's prison and were also there in court. The wider circle that supported her know that we were there for her," said Chebet.

Chebet addressed the failed relationship because last year Maribe said she went through a terrible friendship breakup with people she always thought had her back during the murder trial of businesswoman Monica Kiragu together with murder suspect Jowie Irungu.

Maribe spoke about her estranged besties to Carol Mandi on Youtube where she made it clear she was hurt by it all despite thinking the friendship would last forever. While she was held in Langata Women's prison for 18 days, she realized she didn’t miss these people whom she thought were friends.
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