"Stop Acting Like A Small Boy!" Kenyans Mercilessly Attack Bahati After Tying Diana Marua's Shoes (Video)

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By  | Jul 04, 2022, 02:14 PM  | Relationships

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A video showing celebrated gospel singer Kevin Bahati Kioko, who is eyeing the Mathare parliamentary seat, tying his wife Diana Marua's shoes has upset some of his fans.

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The clip, which was posted by Diana over the weekend shows the Wanani hit maker bending down and tightening his wife's shoe laces.

Interestingly, Diana was busy recording a Tik Tok while the award-winning singer was fixing her shoes.

While some of his fans thought that the gesture was romantic and lauded him, others were not so amused and opined that someone of his stature should not be doing such things.

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According to his critics, Bahati should be aware that he is the man of the house and accordingly.
Some even asked Jubilee, the party that Bahati is using to contest for the Mathare parliamentary seat, to deny him the ticket until he learns how to behave like a man and not a boy.

"Huyu kijana we parliament hapana. Hiyo ticket apokonywe mara moja. Be a man once and stop acting like a boy in the house while you are husband," Trizah Kwamboka wrote.
A screenshot of the reactions to Diana Marua's Instagram video

Here are more reactions by the undefeated people of the internet.

"Mheshimiwa ni wewe unafunga viatu hapo kama kijana mdogo?" Alice Weru posed.

"Na bahati amenyamazia tu hiyo sauti," Anne Kimanzi tricky commented.

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"Kabahanye ni KYM work anafanyanga akiwa kwa nyumba," Siddo Ule Mpole remarked.

"Hii ndio sababu siwezi oa dem amenishinda na miaka, ona sasa kazi unfanyisha Bahati,"Martin Omoke stated.

The age difference between Bahati and Diana has always been a subject of discussion since they started dating more than seven years ago.

The celebrity duet officially addressed the age speculation in their brand new song Sweet Love which was released in May this year.

In her lyrics, Diana addressed the age difference and shut down the haters who constantly bring it up.

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"Walikusho mi ni mzee, unichoree, ukawacha waongee, wajioneee," she stated.

Sometime back, Bahati had came squash reports that were doing rounds on social media that Diana is 10 years older and revealed that his wife is only two years his senior.

“I’m proud of my wife’s age, I always wanted an older woman, I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I’d want a woman who wouldn’t stress me out.” he explained during an interview in 2018.
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