Stevo Promises To Kiss His Girlfriend During His Next Performance

Si alisema yeye ni virgin?

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 03:09 PM  | Relationships

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Mrs. Simple Boy has proved her love for Singer Stevo Simple Boy. 

The online couple has proven netizens wrong after their recent online reveals which many suggested were clout chasing for their songs. After the release of their song wedding day, many expected them to part ways but to everyone's surprise, the two are still gushing over each other on social media, does this mean they are truly a thing? Well, only time will tell.

The lass has taken to her social media account elated about their upcoming trip to Diani. On her Instagram account, she expressed her undying love for the singer.

She went ahead to mention how happiness is a choice and one should try to make the right choices for one to be happy.  "Happiness is by choice raha jipe mwenyewe diani here we come with the main man babe matulinga @stevosimpleboy8, hii itakuwa kama movie." She said.

The singer on the hand had a lot to say about their upcoming trip. "Diani naingia ki sumbawanga miyeyusho full kipwagu pwaguzi hii mbona nahisi kama ntamkisi babe @mrs_simpleboyofficial kwenye stage Ivi kiwelo welo banaeee usikose pale kutakuwa na watoto jonthararira tunaandikisha history pale. Kosaaaaa tukucheke jamani zawadi zenu kwa wingi wanangu wa diani." Stevo said.

The two have been together for less than three months and they have continued to make headlines. The lady recently revealed why she loves Stevo.

Mrs. Simple Boy took to her Instagram to urge women to look beyond money and looks- and to support men as they build themselves and their families.

"Kwa kweli upo na uwezo mkubwa kufanya chochote duniani kwa Imani ya mungu na kuwa na mtuu ambaye anakuaminia maishani wewe kutunga nyimbo ili kunipa furaha maishani ni kitu kikubwa Sana #weddingday... Unaweza Pata mwanaume Hana chochote lakini ukimwaminia na kumpa motisha atapata chochote mungu akuzidie na kwa wanawake wote duniani tuwaaminie wanaume zetu na tuwape motisha kikazi na kinyumbani ni watu wa maana wanapiga vita za kimaisha sababu yetu... It's a wedding day I love you ❤️ and keep up the spirit."

Stevo endorses polygamy on one condition...
Stevo Simple Boy is so satisfied with his current life and wife Gee that he says he would only become polygamous under one condition- if she is his second and third wife too.

Stevo recently took to his Instagram to commit his undying love and loyalty to Gee aka Mrs. Simple Boy. And this is how he captioned it: "Mke wa kwanza wa pili na watatu wewe ndo kila kitu my number one my number two and my number three tunaheshimu ndoa."

All Mrs. Simple Boy's men
Ever since Stevo's viral proposal to Gee, three men have come out of the woods to claim that they are either currently or were in the past in relationships with her.

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