Obinna Sends New Warning To 2Mbili After Baby Mama Troubles

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By  | Jan 25, 2023, 08:48 PM  | Relationships

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Radio presenter, Master of Ceremonies and Comedian Thomson Maghana, popularly known as Oga Obinna once again weighed in on the 2 mbili abuse story on the evening of Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

Through his social media account Obinna asked 2 mbili to move out from their baby mama’s place completely and find somewhere elese to stay. He asked him to help raise his child from a far as it is dangerous for him to continue staying there.
The radio presenter further added that there is no price for peace and warned 2mbili that if he continued to stay there he would end up being killed. Obinna asked the youtuber to delete his number should he decide to go back to live with his baby mama.

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He explained that this warning is because 2Mbili has been in a similar situation before and that he is aware that the baby mama knows well how to manipulate him.
“We ongea tu hivyo. Ukirudi kwa huyo mama mimi siko. Utauliwa tu Kimchezo. She knows how to manipulate you. We have been here before mara kadhaa. If worse come to worse mpangie ama umwachie nyumba na watoto you take care of them from a distance.”

“Trust me, peace is priceless. Ama wewe unapenda kutemewa mate. Nikupate, ukirudi kuishi kwa nyumba moja na yeye delete my number because sitakuja matanga.”Wrote Obinna.

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"Just talk like that. If you go back to that woman, I am not there. You just might be killed. She knows how to manipulate you. We have been here before several times. If worse comes to worse arrange for her or leave her the house and children you take care of them from a distance."
"Trust me, peace is priceless. Or do you like to be spat on. Find me, if you go back to live in the same house with him, delete my number because I will not come to the funeral.

In an interview with radio host Ankali Rey, 2mbili said that envy was the primary driver of his baby mama's abuse. It appears that she does not care what the interaction is about; she does not want 2mbili to speak to any other females.

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"Alikuwa AKINIPIGA because of Jealousness...Hataki NIONGEE na Mwanamke yoyote...Nimeenda POLISI HAWATAKI Kunisaidia juu...... Hapendi FAMILIA Yangu... HAMPENDI @ogaobinna."
Oga Obinna, who thought it was his duty to defend 2mbili, was the one who initially made the story public.

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"Baby Mama Drama - 2mbili ASSAULTED by Baby Mama AGAIN😭🥺🥵🥵
This has been happening for a while now. From Kupigwa,kudungwa na kisu,kuchomwa na maji moto,kufungiwa inje, Watoto kupigwa just to hurt the dad to many more (2mbili has all the evidence ) but He chose to stay for the kids and keep quiet." posted Obinna.
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