Nairofey On How She Met Her Husband

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By  | Jan 25, 2023, 10:18 AM  | Relationships

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Nairofey, a popular content creator, has shared how she met Duncan, her husband.

Nairofey gave the details of her upbringing and the events around how she met Duncan on her YouTube channel.
Esther was raised by a single mother in a lowly environment. She has a younger sister and an older sister. When her mother fell ill when she was in form four, she began working early to take care of her needs because her older sister was caring for the younger sister.

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She decided to hunt for an agent who offered her a position in Russia for the world cup because times were hard and the work she had couldn't support her needs.
Duncan told her the job was a hoax at the time they connected on Facebook. He informed her that he was stationed in New York and that he was employed by the United Nations.

She thought he was a kind man who wanted to give her everything since she was so innocent. They developed a close bond, and for his birthday in 2019, he went to Kenya.

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She was thrilled when he promised her a position at the UN. Even though he claimed it would take too long, he insisted she takes professional shots.
He relocated her into a one-bedroom home at the time they began dating. Since he forbade her from seeing her friends and even imposed a curfew, things have gotten difficult. He turned her against her sister, claiming the latter was envious since the former was on the verge of a prosperous life. Because of this, she developed depression.

The creator of the content described how she learned that Duncan was in Russia and not New York. She chose to disregard all the warning signs because she was in love and young.

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She launched a YouTube channel and was doing well for herself until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.
However, Duncan used his laptop to monetize the account, and he would get all the funds on her behalf.

He conned her into signing a prenuptial agreement that authorized him to get 50% of all proceeds from the sale of her brand. She described how he forced her to visit a lawyer's office in Westlands even though she was unaware of his intentions.

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According to the prenuptial agreement, he would receive half of all income and, in the event of a divorce, would solely be responsible for the children and not for her.

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