Madini Gushes Over Pritty Vishy In New Song

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By  | Aug 01, 2022, 01:51 PM  | Relationships

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Power couple Madini Classic and Pritty Vishy have taken their public display of affection a notch higher by recording a music video together. The song that was shared by Pritty Vishy on her Instagram on Monday, August 1 showed the couple getting cozy in each other's arms.

Pritty Vishy appears in the music video for the song called Forever Toritoritoto as the main video vixen. The song shows a step-by-step journey the two have already been through since they started their romantic adventure.

Madini shared the snippet on his Instagram too while he serenaded the socialite on the song.

"Everyone is saying you are beautiful and yes you are that's why am dedicating this beautiful song to you @prittyvishy DONT HEARTBREAK ME" he captioned it.

The video also shared on YouTube shows Madini Classic meeting Pritty Vishy's parents as he goes to ask for their permission to date their daughter.

The singer expresses his undying love for the upcoming socialite and businesswoman using his sweet Swahili lyrics in the song. Madini shows up with a group of his friends in what symbolizes a dowry negotiation for Pritty Vishy.

Madini, afterward, leaves with the content creator and heads to a spa where she gets her make-up on. Pritty Vishy then changes into a red dress with her face completely changed from the new make-up she has on.

Pritty is then led to a party where she is reunited with her lover Madini Classic who has friends over to celebrate their relationship. The two are also pictured on a couch with Madini holding Pritty's hands as he sings to her.

This is not the first time the two have been spotted getting cozy with each other after confirming their relationship.

On July 24, Pritty Vishy lit up everyone’s timeline with a PDA video starring her and Madini that everyone is adoring right now. She posted the video with the caption, “I really missed him😔🤕kwako sijiwezi as always....never leave my side zsaddy coz it us against them🤪🤪.”

Rumours about the two new lovers started to swirl when they took some candid photos inside a car while Madini serenaded Vishy with his hit love song Bingo Bango. Stevo Simple Boy's ex girlfriend was spotted getting up close and giggly with her potentially new bae on Friday, July 1, in a video posted up on Madini Classic's Instagram stories.

The socialite and the Mombasa-based singer confirmed rumors that they were dating in an interview where they each went into detail about what makes the other person special, their connection, and everything they’ve done to impress each other in a short time.

"She's real na kwa macho yangu she's so beautiful. And napenda bidii yake, na pia hizo time nimekuwa na yeye unajua mimi namsoma mwanamke kwa beaviour zake akikutana na watu- sehemu kuna watu wengi anajua kujihandle. Na pia ana heshima. Unajua mwanamke akikuheshimu ni kila kitu," Madini said about Vishy.

And to reciprocate, Vishy had this to say about why she likes her new catch Madini Classic, "The fact that he's handsome. Kila mtu anajua nimhandsome- ata yeye mwenyewe anajiita handsome. I think the way he handles me, he's caring. He's a good soul."
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