Jua Cali’s Wife Turns Into Rapper

Puts on spirited performance

By  | Jun 30, 2020, 07:33 AM  | Jua Cali  | Relationships

They say when you live with someone for a long time, you tend to start looking a like, which is normally the case when it comes to spouses. In the case of Jua Cali and wife, Lilly it has even gone to new heights because not only are do they tend to look alike but have also shared talent and skill. I mean what can we say?

Jua Cali’s gorgeous wife, Lilly Asigo shocked many after she turned into a rapper, and entertained guests during Senator Isaac Mwaura and Mukami Rwamba’s fifth wedding anniversary.In a video shared by Mukami Mwaura, Lilly is seen rocking the mic, guests on their feet as she beautifully raps JuaCali ‘s hit’ Kiasi’ song.

 “When @lillyasigo decides she decides.. @juacaligenge teaching someone some mad skills. #Kiasi.’’ 
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A quick look through Lily and Mukami’s page, you can easily tell the two are more than friends, in fact they identify as family.That explains why Lilly took the bold step just to make Mukami’s day special.

Five years ago, Senator Isaac Mwaura walked down the aisle with Mukami Rwamba in an invite only event at the Evergreen park.

Celebrating their milestone, mheshimiwa wrote,

‘’We have won many battles, lost quite a number, fought and quarreled, made up, lost children yet raised one little Njiru, led a normal life like any other, got caught up in the storms, but we have kept the faith and the friendship altogether.Marriage has taught us that it’s not so much a bed of roses, but that steady friendship that gives you the assurance that all shall be well despite the circumstances. That it’s not so much what good or bad will happen to either or both of you, but that you stick together, facing the challenge together, no matter the tides of life.’’

His wife Mukami shared a photo wearing her wedding gown and wrote

‘’5 years later he still pulls a surprise on me .’’
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Photo Credit: SDE