Jalang'o Roars About MCA Tricky's Babe

Jalang'o Speaks On Tricky's Hot Bae

By  | Aug 04, 2021, 10:18 AM  | Relationships

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Jalang'o seems like he can do no wrong at the moment ever since the crazy "Boys Club" scandal last year that threatened to take him down.

The media personality not only lost endorsements but there was a risk that his marriage to Amina Chao could go up in flames.

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But things turned out well for him on the home-front with his wife deciding to stick with him despite the malicious rumours hurled his way.

Since then, his brand has enjoyed a resurgence and business both for his own hustles and his employer Radio Africa have looked great.

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This week he and co-host Kamene Goro called out the types of people who had called out MCA Tricky for introducing his babe. Jalnang'o wasn't playing around and went hard for those nosey and critical people.

"People like choosing for people their people. MCA Tricky introduced his babe and it came as a surprise to people but we who are closer to him knew his very hot babe. Then watu judgmental came in saying it is all about the money saying if he did not have the money, she would not have been with him." Jalas said.

Kamene for her part also told those types of people to mind their own business.

"Guys, there is something called MYOB (Mind Your Own Business). It is the same way people say you should not be with someone who looks like this. Kwani who should be with who? Where were you when they were loving each other?"

Jalang'o still wasn't placated saying,"These people who want to choose people for people. Mara they don't match, they do not deserve you."

Kamene herself noted that love was something that just happened, as it was a chemical reaction. Jalang'o was all smiles for Tricky saying that he deserved such a beautiful woman.

"To MCA Tricky, you deserve that woman. You will get money if it is money people are saying is why you do not deserve having this woman."

MCA Tricky impressed MOST Kenyans early this week when he showed of the woman who he wants to marry. His Instagram caption read, "Happy Birthday my Queen ❤️."

His lovely post attracted a significant rise in the social media users going to his page. One just has to take a look at the engagement dynamics of the likes he got for the post versus the prior ones.

Funny thing is that Tricky has spoken about the woman in question in past interviews. The thing is Kenyans have so much going on they just don't remember and I will help them with a future article.

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