Bahati Gets Insecure About Diana Chatting With Her Ex

Mheshimiwa bila heshima.

By  | May 27, 2022, 03:46 PM  | Diana Marua  | Relationships

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The Bahati's are competitive. So is anyone surprised by their new video? Diana and Bahati's new vlog features the celebrity pair in a game of 'how well do you know your partner'.

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The Mathare MP contestant and his wife serve as co-hosts and quiz each other on personal trivia and games.

This new video is a second part of a similar video they did about two years back as Diana begins by explaining, "We've come up with part two of the same because things, change and dynamics change according to life... also the fact that we take different career paths- every single day we learn..." before Bahati hilariously interrupts the long intro by pointing out that he's now a busy man of the people, "Let's get to the game- nafaa kwenda campaign."

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The rules of their game are simple. Answer a question about the other partner correctly or pick one card that will outline a punishment to serve.

And right from the top, Diana starts with juicy questions about her past love life and current sexual preferences: "Which ex of mine am I still in contact with", "Do I love quickies or taking my time."

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Bahati gets both questions wrong and gets to perform a range of punishments like pressups while carrying Diana or giving he a piggyback ride.

Diana reveals that she doesn't keep in touch with any of her exes, that she prefers taking it slow in the bedroom, and that she gets turned on by touching in an unspecified part of her body.

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Bahati on his part reveals everything from his first sexual experience, losing his virginity and what colour of boxers he is wearing. All the while he is adamant that he could be giving his political enemies ammo to attack him with by just recording such private matters in public:

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"Hii show, the more mheshimiwa anakaa hapa inaweza tumika against me. Unajua nimeshinda watu uko Mathare hadi wako na stress," adding about his potential women electorate, "Na akina mama ile kuniamini wananiamini-- wanajua mimi ni mtoto wa mama."

The show ends with a hilarious stretch where Diana has to suck Bahati's unwashed toes. A disgusted Diana struggles with the punishment before Bahati storms out to head to his daily campaign trail in Mathare.

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The whole 45-minute video is funny and entertaining to watch as the Sweet Love singers go back and forth with intimate questions, banter and hilarity that gives their fans a window into their personalities.
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