Bahati Finally Speaks

We hope all turns out well

By  | Sep 22, 2022, 03:56 PM  | Relationships

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Kenyans and fans in general have been a bit worried about the whereabouts of singer and politician Kevin Bahati. Bahati went silent after losing in the August 9 general election and has since not been seen or heard in public until now.

The singer had tried his hand at elective politics at the just concluded 2022 elections. However, he failed in his bid to become the new Mathare member of parliament after a hard, sometimes dirty, three months of campaigning. It's not known yet whether the reason for his absence is just to take some time off, or whether he is just too bitter about the loss to show his face in public once again.

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Nairobi News tried to reach him and were fortunate to have a conversation with the artist, According to their report, Bahati hinted that all is not well in his household especially in matters to do with his wife Diana. 

Bahati however did not give details of what exactly is going on. A few days ago Diana made a worrying post on her Instagram that left fans confused.  She  posted a photo of a white dove flying  in a dark background and captioned the photo," Only in the Darkness, Can you see the Stars 🖤." More confusing was the fact that she deactivated the comment section and left no further explanation.

Now fans have been speculating that there could be bad news on the way. Diana who is nearly 8-months pregnant was last spotted at a surprise baby shower party. Diana was treated to the surprise by her friends and fans in an all-white-themed event.

But she revealed that she is physically struggling with this pregnancy, saying that she has a condition where the pregnancy is weighing enormous pressure on her pelvis, leaving her unable to walk around painlessly or with ease.

“I normally have issues when I get closer to delivery it gets to a point, I can’t walk even when I in the bed my husband has to turn me. But so far I am okay I don’t walk much because I have a condition called pubic symphysis where pressure mounts on my pelvic bones and I can’t walk so I even create content while seated,”
But that's not the only problem. Back in July, Diana also revealed the mental toll the unexpected pregnancy weighed on her in an emotional heart-to-heart with her sister Michelle (Mitch) . "I feel like I have suffered for long. I've gone through so much, kutoka hizo time nilikuwa sick and all that. I feel like I got into depression," she confessed, before breaking down. Diana then told a very concerned Mitch that she had gotten over those anxieties and that she was in a better space; "Ilikam unexpectedly. Out of the blues, this happened. 

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We pray that the Bahati's will overcome whatever challenges they are facing as a family. 

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