Meet Amber Ray’s New Boyfriend

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By  | Feb 22, 2022, 11:04 AM  | Amber Ray   | Relationships

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Popular socialite, Amber Ray’s new boyfriend has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. He finally revealed that he was dating Amber via his Instagram Stories.

Not much is known about the lucky gent, apart from the fact that his Instagram name is Ib Kabba. According to online rumors, he is from Sierra Leone.  Kabba seems to be an avid basketball lover with many alleging that he is a basketball player.

Even though we can’t confirm whether he is a basketball player. We can confirm that his boo thing is indeed  Amber Ray. Amber Ray publicly broke up with Jimal, which seemed like the thousandth time they broke up, this time, however, seems final as Amber even covered up a tattoo of Jimal which she had on her back.

Following this breakup, Kabba took to his Instagram Stories to claim Amber as his girlfriend. Kabba shared a picture of the beautiful socialite and referred to her as his love. If this isn’t enough to convince you that she is taken, here are a couple of more pictures to help you see the light.

In his recent pictures, Kabba shared images of himself in Amber’s Jeep. The two seemed to have taken a trip to a hilly area for a photo session (as most couples do). 

Fans quickly noted that the Jeep looked familiar and they were convinced that the lady who appeared in the reflection of the window was indeed Amber Ray. 

Who is Kabba?

As earlier mentioned, Kabba is a Siera Leone citizen. It seems the only thing keeping him in Kenya is the Kamba Babe. 

Join the club

Kabba joins a long list of suitors to pursue Amber. The list includes her immediate ex-lover, Jimal Rohosafi, who is a prominent businessman that runs a budding matatu business.

Amber also used to date Vera Sidika’s current baby daddy, Brown Mauzo, the two broke up and Mauzo went on to date Vera and subsequently start a family with her. 

The socialite has a son by the name of Gavin. So, it’s safe to assume that she had a relationship with his baby daddy who isn’t known to the public. 

Amber was once married to Zaheer Merhali Jhanda who is a popular Kisii politician. According to multiple reports, Amber Ray got her Jeep from Zaheer and left with it as she left the relationship.  

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