Abel Mutua Shares Sweet Birthday Shout-Out To Wife "Sumbua"

Babe unatusuffocate sasa.

By  | Nov 21, 2020, 05:15 PM  | Abel Mutua  | Relationships

Comedian Abel Mutua made one big romantic gesture with a twist on his Instagram when he shared birthday wishes for his wife, Judy Nyawira.

The funniest detail? That she's suffocating him with all the different occasions that they have to observe and celebrate for her- from their wedding anniversary, to her birthday, and even a graduating from a knitting course!

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"Lakini Babe unatusuffocate sasa. Si Anniversary, Si Birthday, Kidogo kidogo tusikie unagraduate ile course yako ya kushona masweater. Wueh!!! Happy birthday my love.

The former Tahidi High actor has been married to his college sweetheart wife for four years. Their relationship has been an up and down affair since they met at the Kenya School of Mass Communication, Abel as a fourth year senior and Judy as a first year freshman.

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Judy admitted in an interview that she was dating a much older man at the time. When the man slapped her across the face one day, she left him. His loss was Abel's gain and the two ended up dating for six years before Abel went down on his knee to propose to her- inside a car!

In between, they got their 11-year-old daughter who Abel also mentions in the loving birthday post to Judy. In a hilarious observation that only a person with Abel's sense of humor can make he says, "Bado miaka saba sasa tufukuze Kakurugenzi kwa keja. Majirani Wataffrrrahia!!!!!" (It's only seven years until the little rascal out of the house. The neighbours will rejoice!)

In a previous Q&A with her Instagram followers, Judy revealed that despite having had the child together, Abel still was not ready to settle down. She admitted to the special role that their daughter later played in sealing their marriage six year later.

Abel opened up too about the trauma the couple underwent after Judy's surprise pregnancy, "The birth of our daughter traumatized us so much because we were not doing well then." All's well that ends well.

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