10-Step Beauty Routine!

The celebrities with the craziest skin routines

By  | Jul 31, 2021, 05:48 PM  | Fashion

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Everybody knows it. Beauty in the entertainment industry is not just one of its cornerstones, it could very well be the very thing that keeps it moving forward! If you're a female celebrity, understand the crucial nature of beauty in the industry just makes the whole shebang all that much easier!
Here, we've made a list of the celebrities with the most complicated beauty routines that they use to achieve flawless and beautiful skin! 

Patricia Kihoro

Ever since her days at Tusker Project Fame, Patricia has grown from just a wonderful musician to one of the most respected and loved lifestyle bloggers in town!
With friends like This Is Ess, it's not hard to see why at all!
Many who know her also know that she at some point struggled heavily with acne and uneven skin tone. However, now she is an avid user of the famous Korean 10-step skincare routine that she uses to make her skin even, soft and beautiful. The steps contain an oil cleanser, a water-based cleanser, an exfoliator, a toner, essence, treatment, sheet masks, and eye cream!
Maureen Waititu

Ever since her breakup with Frankie was just heavily publicised, Maureen has been on her Level Up game heavy!
Aside from her incredibly attractive figure, Maureen also has flawless skin that she has admitted she uses several products at the same time o keep it looking tight and supple.
It has two cleansers, two different kinds of moisturisers, toner, serum and sunscreen! Not to forget, she says she eats very clean
Clearly, her new man loves her smooth skin because he has been spending money on her left right and centre!
Tanasha Donna

Tanasha is one of the industries most revered and respected personalities but you have to admit... not all of it is because of her talent., she is loved because she is also extremely beautiful.
She shared her skincare routine a while back and it now makes sense how she keeps her skin looking wonderful.
her routine which she reveals is just a normal one is, however, based on only Organic and green products has been the secret she uses this entire time!
Kate Thee Actress

Cate has been on our TV screen for the better part of 10 years now but she literally looks the same! On a QnA that she's been doing of late, it was revealed that she in fact has a very intricate and important beauty routine that she uses every day to keep herself looking young and fresh!
Her skin routine which she revealed had micellar water, cleanser, toner, a mask, and two different kinds of moisturisers is clearly working wonders because the mama of two is looking like she could pass for 25 easily!
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