Zari Questions Why Troll's Family Aren't Dying

She ain't messing around

By  | May 16, 2021, 01:28 PM  | Drama

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Zari Hassan on Sunday was forced to attack an online troll who attacked over her property acquisition.

The entrepreneur questioned the troll why his family members were not dying so that he could inherit property.

Zari's sentiment comes after the troll referred to her as a property inheriter.
Zari Hassan. Photo: Instagram

"Ww mrithi wa mali za marehemu," the stroller identified as Eddy Lover2 told Zari.

Even though Zari indeed inherited some property from her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga, she was not impressed by the attack.

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Zari asked, therefore, asked the troll to also go and inherit from his late relatives.

"Rithi nawe kwani hakuna marehemu kwenu?" Zari questioned the troll.

It is not the first time Zari is forced to talk about her late husband's inheritance in public.

About a year ago, Zari was forced to respond to the news that her eldest son, Pinto Ntale inherited her late husband's property.

In a social media post, Zari noted that she played a part in building an empire that her late husband had.

According to her, she could not inherit a property she also helped acquired and they were partly hers

"When they call it inheritance, I say we started from the bottom. You all know us after 2020 and not before," Zari said as reported by 

"Get your facts right. We hustled all the way up. Go get yourself some inheritance too. It should be easy, right?" She added.
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