Willy Paul's Song Deleted Online After Failing To Pay Huge Debt

Pay first

By  | Oct 30, 2020, 12:39 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul's awaited album, it seems, isn't having a smooth launch as the singer and his fans anticipated.

The singer, who has been working day and night to ensure the album sees the light, has already lost the first single dubbed "Collabo" after it was deleted from Youtube due to a copyright dispute.

Producer ilogos music who has been helping Paul work on the album called "Songs of Solomon", said that the songs were pulled down over Ksh 180,000 disputed which Paul has allegedly refused to pay.

Apparently, ilogos was to produce 3 songs that would cost Ksh 25,000 each but once done, Pozze went MIA.

"Willy Paul begged me to produce three tracks for him each for Sh25,000 per track for his songs Magnetic, Digiri and his latest single Collabo but he has never paid for the tracks plus the production of his projects, he owes me Sh180,000," said the producer.

He went on to accuse the singer of not caring about their deal and even daring him to do whatever he pleases, a reason why ilogos reported the songs.

"He has refused to communicate; I reached out to him three times and he said I can do whatever I want," he said.

"He won’t pay me or delete the songs from his channel. I had to flag his YouTube channel until he clears his debt."

Willy Pauls's album has been frustrating him just as much as he has been doing it to others. 

The singer was recently on social media to curse out streaming service Boomplay and other industry players claiming that they don't want to support his work. 

He also blamed cartels that have been giving him a hard time. 

Cover Image: Willy Paul/Instagram

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