Watch Video Of Cartoon Comedian Teasing Zuchu And Diamond


By  | Dec 01, 2022, 05:50 PM  | Drama

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In case you are having a bad time, we are here to change your mood with a video of Cartoon comedian that she has posted on her Instagram where she is mimicking Zuchu as she narrates a made-up story of how she started dating Diamond.

Cartoon begins by explaining how Diamond started by touching her slowly. She was afraid at first but with time she got used and warmed up to him. Within no time they fell in love.

This is one among many hillarious skits Cartoon has made to entertain her followers. Recently the comedian enacted how single ladies behave once they hit their thirties. The comedian comes wearing a wedding gown when she is invited for a date, and in her defense, she already knows all there is to know about the man, and they can go ahead and tie the knot as soon as now.

The man in the skit acts confused not knowing how to react to the surprise from the comedian. Well as they say an apple never falls far from the tree. Maybe single ladies can tell us whether this is how they behave once they hit their thirties.

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After a stretch of online silence, Cartoon surprised fans when at the end of September she reappeared looking distressed and begging for help. Cartoon Comedian posted that she had been heartbroken and was trying to heal after the ugly fallout. She hinted that her partner had cheated on her.

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The broken comedian came out clean and told her followers that the reason she has been quiet is that she has been going through a breakup. Although she did not go into details, Cartoon mentioned that initially she thought she was strong enough to handle it quietly but she has since come to discover that she is softer than she had thought about herself.

The content creator turned musician wrote the breakup song in the midst of a heartbreaking split from her boyfriend and long-time collaborator Mbariguh. A day before dropping the video, Cartoon flaunted how she had spent over two million on it and even challenged fellow musical newcomer Vera Sidika to up her game. "MY MUSIC VIDEO HAD COST ME A 2.5MILLION IT’S WORTH THE WAIT...AMBIENI VERA MUSIC NI INVESTMENT!!!! Wait for me."

Her words turned out to be true, because her song is already more popular with fans than Vera's Popstar which released two weeks ago. Mbona Unacheat has already garnered 14,000 likes on YouTube compared to Popstar's 12,000 likes.

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In fact, Vera's song continues to stretch its record as the most unpopular song. Popstar currently has three times as many dislikes as likes. With 36,000 dislikes, Vera's song has set a 2022 record as the most disliked Kenyan song on YouTube.
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