Risper Faith Confirms Enemity With Vera Sidika Over Nyash

Says she is natural

By  | Mar 23, 2023, 02:13 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Content creator and influencer Risper Faith has revealed that Vera Sidika is jealous of her natural Nyash.

The socialite shared her TBT photo, and her fans were surprised that she still had her big bum. Risper, who enjoys showing off her behinds, boasted that she does not require any work because she is all-natural.

One of her fans speculated that Vera would soon block her as she is a threat. The fan insinuated that Vera hates when others compete with her bum, as it is her signature look. It is then that Risper mentioned that she had already blocked her.

"Aki za Risper ni original toka kitambo kidogo tu vera ata mblock ju ya kauwivu." The fan said and in response Faith commented with, 'Alishaniblock'

"Naona Vera hapendi watu wako na behind, she's competing to be on top with a fake lifestyle. What Amber said about her is true. She hates Risper, Corazon, and Amber reason?" Another fan said.

Risper credits all her success to her nyash. Just recently, she bragged that her Nyash got her a rich man. Risper narrated that she did pass her exams, but she still made it in life.

"I got a C- in KCSE, I failed my exams but I know I am street smart in my brain. No one can beat me in that. Even those girls who got As ask me how I succeeded in life. I believe in myself. So he (my husband) told me what he was looking for in a wife and I asked him if I had the qualities, and he said yes, but there were things about me we had to polish." Risper told the Nairobi News. 

She is married to a wealthy man named Brian, with whom she has a son. Risper loves her body and once went for liposuction. The mother of one revealed that she lost 8 liters of fat from her stomach and back. However, she failed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and slowly she regained her belly fat.

She attracts a lot of attention because of her exaggerated waist trainers and corset or so her fans think. She loves having a snatched waist, and sometimes her fans argue that her methods are unhealthy and extreme.

The mother of one was accused of Photoshopping her waist in two photos. Also, she was caught photoshopping her face onto the body of Ms. Christine, a content creator. Compared to the photos, Risper went on to edit the colors of the original photos and added some glasses to spice up her look.

However, the blurred background mirrored that of the content creator, the purses were similar, and netizens were convinced she photoshopped the photo.

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