Vera Sidika Takes Her Beef With Amber Ray To The Next Level

The beef is beefing

By  | Mar 19, 2023, 10:57 AM  | Drama

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If you thought the feud between Vera Sidika and Amber Ray has ended, you need to think again. The two pregnant socialites have decided to drag each other into the mad a little more, this time Vera Sidika producing receipts to counter everything Amber had accused her of.

For context a few days ago Vera Sidika came out accusing Amber Ray of copying her Baby shower event with the plan and mission of overshadowing her event which was aired on Real Housewives of Nairobi.

According to Vera Amber wanted to have her event on media before hers so that she could then claim Vera copied from her. Well, Amber did not take Vera's accusations of being a copycat very lightly as she then responded to Vera saying that even Vera copied the event and hers was also not an original concept.

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"Dear Queen,
I also copied the gender, I copied marriage and everything else that came before me. Allow me to explain something to you my enemy! All gender reveal parties are copied from Jenna Karvunidis who begun the trend in 2008. So while I leave your brains scattered back there. I’m far away in 2023 where we do parties to enjoy not to be the best online trend. My game is natural, my fame comes naturally …just like you made it happen now. Be creative to enjoy not to entertain. Let your enjoyment be their entertainment. If you have managed to read this all the way to the end then you are powerful enough to take your life out the box you have placed yourself in where you must show your star to us for you to see it. Be the star you already are first, and the world will see it too. In other good news…imagine two Kenyan women using helicopters for their baby reveal parties in 2023! Isn’t this a wonderful year for Kenya? Lead with love and you will take us all by suprise 🤗….. #amberthebrand
Na Unikome please!!!"
Amber took the drama a step further by accusing Vera of being fake and insincere as she narrated how Vera took advantage of one of their late mutual friends and ran away with debts that to date haven't been paid. She further argued that Vera's first baby shower was funded by that mutual friend and despite all that Vera did not contribute even a penny towards the friend's burial after (s)he died.
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Vera Sidika has now returned with receipts to counter Amber's statement that her baby shower was funded. In the posts, she has made on her Instagram the receipts show that indeed Vera is the one who paid for the services at the baby shower.

For some time now there has been a feud between socialite Amber Ray and her counterpart Vera Sidika.

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The feud was allegedly fuelled by Vera dating Brown Mauzo who was Romantically involved with Amber a few years ago. When Vera and Brown Mauzo started dating, she was accused of snatching Amber's man from her.
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In a previous Q&A session on her Insta stories, Vera had rubbished claims that she was a husband-snatcher saying that Ray and Brown were never in any kind of romantic relationship and that it was purely business. 

On the other hand, Amber refuted being enemies with Vera saying they have never been friends in the first place. Despite the two socialites frequent claims that they have no bad blood towards each other, it's clear like the sky that indeed there is some cold beef happening between them. 
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