Vanessa Mdee Clears Rumors About Rotimi Assaulting Her

He is a decent man

By  | Jul 09, 2020, 07:10 AM  | Vanessa Mdee  | Drama

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Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Rotimi make such a cute couple and we have seen nothing but that when the two are in the public eye. The couple is always on good terms, exchanging sweet gestures and displaying a lot of PDA. We would be devastated to know that behind closed doors, it is all a lie.

There have however been rumors that the ‘Power’ actor actually beats up his girlfriend ,Vanessa Mdee while they are at home. These rumors have left the singer quite angry at the fact that people have been spreading false stories about her boyfriend, Rotimi.

According to her management, a few fans have been asking whether rumors claiming Rotimi has been abusive to the singer are true.This comes after one of Rotimi’s ex girlfriends opened up about her experience with an abusive boyfriend back in the day.

Vanessa has now come out to clear the rumors on her recent  episode of ‘dive deep with Vanessa Mdee’ podcast show. The former singer bashed those spreading the lies saying;

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‘’I will not be bullied on social media; I will not be that person Wanahabari wataandika kitu juu yangu alafu nitabaki kimya. Team yangu ya social media, imenijuza kuhusu comments kutokana na watu kusema kuwa Rotimi ananipiga; ati ni mtu ambaye anapiga wanawake.’’
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She went on to add Rotimi is not the type of man to hurt a woman; leave alone lay a finger on her! Vanessa who has been dating the guy for a few months now – portrayed her boyfriend as the best thing that ever happened to her .

To Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi’s ex was only using  her story to educate women who have been stuck in abusive relationships, giving them hope that life moves despite having an ugly past. 

Ms Mdee also mentioned that Rotimi’s ex-girlfriend was in fact speaking about another man and not Rotimi. This piece of information was initially first shared by gossip man Edgar Obare who made it look like Rotimi was the man in question.

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