Thee Pluto Remembers His Late Grandmother On His Graduation Speech

Congratulations baba Zoey

By  | Dec 02, 2022, 10:07 AM  | Drama

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The content creator and Loyalty show host Thee Pluto is excited after finally graduating.

The content creator was a Jomo Kenyatta and Agriculture student studying Economics. The content creator was juggling school, family, and business, this must be one of the best years for the content creator, from buying a new car to welcoming her second daughter with her girlfriend Felicity Shiru. 

Taking to his socials Thee Pluto has expressed his gratitude to God and his late grandma for her love and support.

"In happy moments praise God and in difficult moments seek God. I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for walking with me through this arduous journey. Secondly, I wanna thank you late grandma for your infinite love and wisdom. Thank you for being my hero, someone I could lean on, and my best friend.

It’s a special gift to have gotten to know you. Please know you are a shining part of my life as you continue resting in peace. To you, I owe this degree. As they say; ‘some hustle for respect, some hustle for love, others hustle for truth while others hustle to survive.’ I deferred my campus education due to financial instabilities not knowing I would get back stronger and complete my degree. Before deferring you were the first person I called. But I promised you that I’d get back and complete it. Even though it took me more time to graduate WE DID IT! Unfortunately, you aren’t here to celebrate with your family." He wrote.

The content creator has immensely thanked her parents and sibling for their huge support. "Thirdly I wanna thank my parents and siblings for always encouraging me and believing I was gonna come out strong. Lastly, I WANNA THANK ME !!. I wanna thank me for believing in me. I wanna thank me for never quitting." He said.

His girlfriend Felicity celebrated her by saying:"Congratulations babe,,, proud of you"

Thee Pluto's story is one of resilience, hardwork and determination. Life had become hard for him after joining school and venturing into content creation helped. He has grown to be among the top youtubers in the country.

His journey.
The content creator and businessman shared photos of his struggling days. He has in the past revealed the hardship he went through to become who he is today. From selling cabbages to becoming one of the most sought-after content creators among the top YouTube Channels in Kenya.

As Thee Pluto confesses, his first job right after he cleared high school, he worked as a Maths and History teacher at a local high school, Bishop Waichere High School, which is located at Mai Mahiu, things got so bad at one point that he ended up selling cabbages at Marikiti Market. 

This happened when he was called to join Economics at JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) and that is when life started to hit him hard, he even went to the extent of selling shoes and other accessories on the streets.

"Never stop believing. Never stop dreaming. Working hard and putting God closer cause my daughter won’t eat a plate of excuses" He said.

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