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By  | Nov 24, 2022, 08:12 PM  | Drama

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If you are looking for a show that will entertain you and at the same time rush your adrenaline to the peak, you need to look no further because Showmax just released a crime drama titled Pepeta.

The beauty of this film is that it is based on the real-life story of Harun Rio Wathari a former football player for the national team who hails from Kibera. Speaking to the people present at the first screening of the film  Rio expressed his gratitude to the producers of the show for considering to tell his story to inspire a generation.
Harun Rio

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Most if not all of us know or have heard a story of someone who was highly gifted in a certain field be it academics, sports, or leadership but for some reasons fell from that grace and is now used in society as a bad example.

Pepeta paints such a picture of loss misery, and despair, but behold that it brings out hope, victory, and the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It is a three-part story of a young man by the name of Junior from Kibera who is chasing his passion for football but is held back by the dangerous life of street crime.

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Brahim Ouma Plays Junior

Junior and his friends find a guiding light in Biki their football coach, who is determined to save them from the hands of crime while at the same time fighting his own demons.

On the other side is Kepha, an enraged city cop who is determined to get rid of all the street gangs by fire and by force. You will need to watch to find out if his paths will cross with Junior and what the aftermath will be.
Lwanda Jawar plays the coach

The show premiered on the 22nd and the cast members could not hide their joy and satisfaction for the work well done. The director Vicent Mbaya was particularly proud of the cast adding that they gave him a very easy time.

The shooting did not come without its challenges; Dedan Juma who is playing the role of Zeze narrates a heartbreaking story of how he got the role a day after he lost his mother. Nonetheless, he said he had been preparing for the role for the longest time, to a point of even visiting the famous Sabina Joy to have a feel of the gangster life he was playing.
Dedan Juma plays Zeze

Avril who made a major come back to the screens after being away for more than five years said that she connected to the film at a personal level seeing that she has a young boy whose life in one way or another could pun out like that of Junior, the character in the film.

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Avril plays the role of Nduta

“I am a mother and when we shot the first episode and there is a scene where a young boy is arrested for something he might have done. This is happening in real life. The other day I remember reading a story about a boy who was arrested inside Nairobi National Park. As a mother it breaks my heart. I have a young boy who 10 years from now will probably be faced with some very tough decisions, and I don’t know whether I would have equipped him enough to be able to make those decisions,” she said.
Among the cast members, are familiar faces like Malik Lumuel famously known as Govi from his role in Machachari. The film also introduces new faces to the screen among them Brahim Ouma who is the lead character.  Other cast members include Lwanda Jawar (Sense8), George Mo (Borderline), Wycliffe Eravuna (Selina), Marrianne Nungo (Supa Modo), Brian Ngaira (Baba Twins), and newcomers Eric Aswani, Fridah Mumbe and Suzanne Karani.
Malik Lemuel

The show has been produced by CJ3 Entertainment and has now replaced county 49 which came to its final season last week. 
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