The Curse Of Coca Cola Popstars

Sanaipei became a star, the others became unlucky.

By  | Nov 25, 2020, 11:48 AM  | Drama

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This week, we've read with shock the heartbreaking plight of former Tusker Project Fame contestants who have been hit by extremely hard times.

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Perhaps the most moving one was TPF season 5 winner Ruth Matete who has evidently squandered her Ksh 5 million cash prize from the show. But that is the least of her worries.

Just this week, Ruth launched an appeal to her fans and well-wishers to help out with her hospital bill after undergoing an expensive C-Section to birth her newborn daughter. Earlier this year, she also lost her husband, the controversial Nigerian pastor, John Apewajoye, to a suspicious death.

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The TPF curse has also seemingly struck other former contestants including David Ogola aka David Major who was recently pictured homeless and in the streets. Singer Alvan Gatitu has also sought public help after getting thrown out of his house over rent arrears.

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However, Tusker Project Fame is not the only talent search program to churn out cursed stars. The popular early 2000's music show Coca Cola Popstars has also brought about rotten luck to two of its previous winners.

You may remember the show for giving us the incredible talent that is Sanaipei Tande. Sanaa won the talent search along with two other musicians, Pam Waithaka and Kevin Waweru. The trio formed the group Sema and enjoyed massive popularity with their first song Leta Wimbo. They went on to drop their Popstars album Mwewe.

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As fate would have it, that was to be the height of fame for Pam and Kevin. While Sanaa went on to have a successful radio, TV and music career, her two band mates got swallowed up by the trappings of fame.

The group sweetheart Pam fell into extreme alcohol addiction. The last time she was spotted in public was on the streets wasting away in drink, and begging for handouts so she could buy herself a next one at a local wines and spirit.
Her addiction got so bad that she was reportedly checked into a Kahawa Sukari rehabilitation center for treatment, which she ended up escaping.

The guy of the group Kevin hasn't had it easy too. In a short video from early this year, Kevin was seen to be asking for urgent help. Why? Because his parents who had been hosting him had threatened to evict him.

In the viral video Kevin explains his tough relationship with his father in particular. He narrates how his dad grew repulsive towards him to a point of chasing after him with a panga.
“I am under attack by my dad. He wants to kick me out again. The other day he took a machete and chased me away. I had to run for my dear life,” Kevin shared with fans, “That was sometime in 2019. We’ve had it rough. My dad wants me out because he thinks I come home drunk.”

Kevin then goes on to blame the Coronavirus outbreak for his setbacks and poor luck in 2020, “Things were starting to look up until Covid happened. My Dad is literally pushing me to the edge. He just wants me out”.

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