Dennis Karuri Reveals He Has A Crush on Terence Creative (Video)

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By  | Nov 30, 2022, 02:22 PM  | Terence Creative  | Drama

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Popular make-up artist Dennis Karuri has left his netizens shocked after revealing his celebrity crush in Kenya.

In an interview with Prince Newton, Dennis revealed that he loves dark men. Responding to a question about who is his male celebrity crush, Dennis disclosed that he is attracted to content creator Terence Creative.

Terence is a married man, he has a kid with Milly Chebby and two from his previous relationship. Karuri stated that he likes Terence's vibe even though he has never met him in person.

"Ako na vibe poa, hatujai meet lakini" He said. Karuri also stated that he likes Kinuthia's vibe. 'Kinuthia anajituma sana'. Up until now, it has never been clear of Karuri's gender preference. Even though he named himself among the LGBTQ-known members in the country.

Dennis is known for effortlessly trying to make cross-dressing look doable, he was heaped with praise for his style during the Wakanda premiere, and he alongside Natalie Tewa and Anita Nderu was sponsored by Mac to attend the event.

He recently had to defend himsef after the trending of gay baker, Maxwel Mwamburi.

Mwamburi should take notes- Fans To Dennis Karuri's Twerking Video
Since cross-dresser Mwamburi emerged into the spotlight claiming to be the sassiest cross-dresser in Kenya, fans have been busy comparing the two, and according to Instagrammers, Dennis Karuri is unquestionably sassier.

Dennis in what looks like an effort to prove and maintain his title has posted a twerking video that has impressed netizens. Dressed in a maroon turtle neck and a pair of white shorts Dennis can be seen effortlessly dancing and shaking his bum. 

The dancing was impressive and you could keep watching, what caught our attention is his caption. 'Cuff it' is what he wrote accompanied by some engagement rings, was this a cue for people to start asking for his hand in marriage? 

Dennis has never publicly addressed or revealed his sexuality, many people assume that he is gay because of his cross-dressing and feminine behavior, from how he talks and handles himself, well, we cannot be certain whether he is gay or straight. It might be all for show and brand selling or it might be his real self. We shall wait until he publicly reveals his sexuality.

What we are sure of is that he supports the LGBTQ community, Makena Njeri had once posted him on her Bold Network, she stated that the make-up artist was one of their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Dennis has managed to keep it under wraps and only appears when necessary. The only scandal he ever had was a confrontation with the boss lady Akothee over services he had offered to the singer.

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Akothee Revives Beef With Dennis Karuri
It seems as if popular singer Akothee had to have the last say in her beef with makeup artist Dennis Karuri as she has restarted the beef all over again.

When Karuri was asked who was the worst client he'd ever had during an interview on Oga Obinna's Kula Cooler show, he listed Akothee as the rudest client he'd ever worked with.

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