Fans Call Out Tanasha Donna For Lying Again

She never learns

By  | Dec 05, 2021, 10:21 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Fans were convinced that they caught Tanasha Donna in yet another lie. This time the star set herself up for fans and haters alike to bash her for allegedly trying to be sneaky.  

The star followed up the photo with a few words, instead of captioning the post, however, the star chose to take to the comment section to leave a statement under her own photo.
Tanasha comments on her own photo.
It was this statement that landed, the Gere hitmaker, in hot water with her fans. This is because the statement saw the star talk to herself in third-person telling herself that she should release the music video to her latest song as fans were crying out for it.

Seems like fans took the comment as something else. Most fans alleged that the star hadn’t intended to post the comment with her own account, but instead wanted to use a pseudo account and completely forgot.
Some fans though noted that the comment was intentional, and was meant to confuse people and drive interest to her post. If that was the case, the comment seems to have worked a treat as her post had garnered over 60k likes at the time of writing this article.

Tanasha even responded to the comments that were raining down on her parade as she tagged her friend to come and see what the fans were saying about her.  

Fans are on the fence when it comes to Tanasha and whether she is a lier. The star was recently exposed by socialite, Risper Faith, for having cosmetic surgery on her body.
Risper claimed that apart from having work done on her body, Tanasha chose not to pay for the procedure, which she alleged cos Kshs 850K. Risper pointed out that all Tanasha had to do in return was post the company on her social media. However, Tanasha decided not to do so after the company finished doing the procedure on her, and this has led to a fallout between her and the company.
The socialite seems to have taken the matter to heart as she noted that she was the one who connected Tanasha to the company. She further added that, after refusing to honor the batter, Tanasha was asked to pay Kshs 850K for the services, but she chose not to pay as well.
Risper further reiterated the fact that Tanasha has completely refused to pay for the procedure to date and the owner of Body By Design is furious and looking for ways to recoup her money.

Do you think the star is lying this time or is it just a case of good marketing?
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