Single Moms Killing The Dating Scene

Single mums applying pressure!

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 06:01 PM  | Drama

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We can agree on one thing -everybody's out there and almost everybody is dating everybody else! The idea that Single Moms cannot enjoy regular dating like women without children is long and gone!
In that vein, here are the single mums in the industry that are taking the dating game to a whole new level!

Betty Kyallo

Betty has always been the liberal type -she says what she wants and she does what she wants. For a while, many people did not know anything about her dating life but after a few exposes, it seems Betty is out there and dating like the independent girl she is!
Betty was spotted at famous lawyer Nick Ndeda home where a peeking neighbour said that she had spent the entire weekend at his house, even using his car and only leaving the house occasionally! She responded to these dating claims by saying that she was a loved person and her haters should deal that she's dating!

Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu took a very long time to get into the next relationship after she broke up with Frankie Just Gym It. 
It was more than obvious that she was hurting from the breakup -not only did he leave her for another woman and got her pregnant, he made sure to destroy her name in the process as well!
However, she's back in the game. She just recently went on a trip to Columbia that she admitted was sponsored by her boyfriend! He took her to the best and most expensive spots so it's safe to say that she has levelled up!

Tanasha Donna

She has been focusing on making her money and streamlining her craft and has made it more than clear what she's here to do! 
However, it's been said that she has started dating another man as well. This person is even said t be younger than her (but definitely more moneyed!)
Either way, it's good to see her out and about enjoying herself as well. 

Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa is a woman that has very clearly shown that she's here to play and is not interested in a serious relationship for a while now. 
However, she's also been around the block! Hamisa is said to be dating American superstar Rick Ross (who was said to have sponsored her most recent trip to Dubai) because of the subliminal messages they have been leaving each other on instgram. The other day, however, she uploaded a video of herself with Korede Bello and the two were flirting heavily! 
She clearly still has all of her options open and we can't want to see who she's actually dating!
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