"Si Utajiua!" - Vishy Blasts Fan Who Said She's Using Stevo's Name For Clout

Huyu amekuwa nare.

By  | Jun 25, 2022, 05:09 PM  | Drama

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Pritty Vishy got into a heated exchange with fans online today when she did a 'ask me anything' session.

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Vishy took to her Instagram to take questions from her followers, and she had no patience for one fan in particular who told her off for being only famous because of her ex Stevo Simple Boy.

The fan commented telling Vishy: You are an irrelevant fellow, you always use Stivo's name to chase clout... get a life woman! Vishy responded by saying, "Na ndo nimeanza si utajiua mum. Just chill and take your drink coz the drama has just started."

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Another fan told Vishy: Do you have anything else to say in interviews apart from talking about Stevo? To which Vishy responded with sarcasm, "No am jobless in fact why do you watch them or listen to talk b!tch."

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Pritty Vishy and her ex boyfriend Stevo had a much publicized break up when an infamous video of a heartbroken Vishy crying about the break up surfaced online. In the ugly break up the exes threw shade at each other.

First Vishy accused Stevo of cheating with Mombasa-based singer Adasa. In the crying video, Vishy is seen asking why Stevo would do such a thing to her after everything that she has had to sacrifice for him. “Why Adasa, is she prettier than me? Does she deserve you? I went the extra mile for you…I did so many things for you and you know that… why choose another woman?” 

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According to Stevo, he never did cheat on Vishy. He accused Vishy herself of cheating with a whopping 50 men!

But in another interview, Vishy brought receipts. Vishy revealed in the interview that Stevo is not telling the truth with regards to how their relationship ended. “Let me just clear the air, I found Stivo several times flirting with other girls on his phone. You can even ask him. One of them was even called Vanessa but they were very many not just one. That was one of the biggest issues in the relationship.”

Vishy answered many more fan questions during her open Q&A. Here are a selection of her answers.

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On whether she'll reunite with Stevo
Mkinipata mniue.

On how she copes with online trolls
My mum and the fact that I know what I want too.

On whether she drinks or smokes weed
No I don't. Say no! to drugs.

Ukaweza nipata na Stevo unaeza nifanyia nini?
I don't give a damn.

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On having children or raising a family
About children naogopa aiiii. Apo kwa family me sijui juu weeeeh me sijui if I can be 100% submissive to a man.

On getting married
When you think of sijui juu weeeh naogopa ndoa. Remember you are not official he might be cuddling another girl.

On whether she is currently dating
Am not sure but I have someone but sijui kaa tuna date. Lakini tulisema ni kuoga na kumove on.
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