Shix Kapienga Speaks After Getting Laid Off At Royal Media: 'I Was Worried And Stressed'

It has been tough

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 04:54 PM  | Drama

Radio Shix Kapienga has opened up about being laid off at Royal Media during this pandemic period.

Shix was among several employees cut due to the tough business conditions brought about by COVID-19, and it left her stressed and scared.

“I got laid off two months ago, I was asking God, what next?" Shix said on Adelle Onyango's Legally Clueless podcast.

"What do I do? It is not like I have achieved what I needed to achieve at a certain age. But I’m not complaining, but it was too abrupt. Yes, I know I wanted to resign, call it quits but I did not expect t too soon.”

Being dropped from the company suddenly made her realized that people don't appreciate what they have.

It brought memories when she was younger, her mum didn't have money to take them out for lunch. 

“I looked back to my story when I was a child, my mum could not afford to buy two packets of fries and that is why she would get angry when we ask her to take us to town. Because she wouldn’t want to get embarrassed when she cannot but the fries and we would get upset," she said.


“It makes me realize that you need to appreciate the little that you are getting it doesn’t matter whether it is 100 or it is 50 or 10 or nothing. I look back and realize they struggled. There is a time I told my mum, I wish I knew. I wish I understood back then I wouldn’t have pressured you. Because I know how it hurt her then.”