REVEALED: Details of Who Makena Njeri Cheated With

Michelle Ntalami says Makena Njeri was unfaithful

By  | Nov 09, 2021, 09:37 AM  | Drama

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Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri, one of Kenya’s most famous lesbian couples, are at it again The two seem not to be at a great place in their relationship, or should we say lack thereof.

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Ntalami took to her Instagram to let her followers know that she and Makena are no longer an item. She took her sweet time to post a three-part message bearing her soul to the world and her now ex-boo. 

In the first part of the message, Ntalami made it clear that the two were no longer together. She also pointed out that the reason for this was because Makena is a serial cheater.


Ntalami came to play, as she came to the table with receipts proving that Makena was indeed a player. Ntalami went further into the allegations, noting that one of the women was a health worker and the other was a prominent public figure (we wonder who, any thoughts?)     

In part two of her message, Ntalami alluded to the fact that Makena has been playing her for a year. She noted that the deceit has been hard on her, but she is working to get past it and forgive her ex-lover.

In part three of the message, Ntalami notes that while the relationship is over and she has gone through she realizes their union meant a lot for the LGBTQ movement in Kenya. She further noted that instead of wallowing in self-pity she will focus on the good that they did together during their relationship.
These two aren’t new to relationship drama, back in the day when they were best friends, there were rumors circulating that the two no longer associate with each other. At the time, rumors that the two were no longer vibing began to circulate when followers saw that they were no longer liking or commenting on each other's photos.
Following your friends on social media is almost a need in the age of social media; after all, how else are you meant to know you're pals? Fans though, were sure of the breakup when some found out that the two weren't following each other on Instagram.

They started to wonder whether the two had been slinging quiet insults at each other all along... Makena had posted a photo of herself with Michelle on Instagram with the simple phrase 'ciao' and a kissy emoji, thus seemingly confirming what we believed about the two.
At present moment we have a little bit more than just conjecture to go by. With Ntalami’s confession, it is clear to see the two are done for. Do you think they will get back together this time? 

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