Rescue comes to Comedienne Jemutai

Joy at last!

By  | May 04, 2021, 10:07 AM  | Drama

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As many are sympathizing with the story of Jemutai and how she is finding it hard catering for her children, some Kenyans are transforming their sympathies to reality. CEO of Bonfire Aventures Simon Kabu has requested the comedienne not to sell her Facebook account since they can work things out. 

Do not sell your account. Talk to me On 0713587664 tuangalie what we can do together. I'm sure hatutakosa kakitu ya kufanya na bonfire adventures SarahKabu can also look at where she can mentor you kiasi. #thekabus

Jemutai was really excited and replied to the comment saying she will call immediately and that he was happy her kids wouldn’t sleep angry anymore. 

The comedienne late last week accused fellow comedian Prof Hamo (the baby daddy) of neglecting her after she got pregnant for him.

It is alleged that the two have two kids, but Prof Hamo does absolutely nothing to cater to any of their needs. 

Definitely, this is not the only deal Jemuatai will have her way. At first, she did not want people to know her situation but, maybe going public with this issue was the best thing. Who knows? 

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