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By  | Aug 04, 2021, 10:12 AM  | Drama

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Everyone who knows gospel singer Ringtone knows that he loves the media spotlight. The man has been in the news the past two weeks after an altercation he had with Robert Alai.

As is his way, he decided to do his usual dog and pony show with the media, going to great lengths to show how injured he was.

To say that he milked his court appearance would be the understatement of the year.

After complaining of severe headaches and extreme pains on his body the last few days, the musician has ramped up the drama saying that he was en route to South Africa for further treatment. Using his Instagram page, the singer also asked Kenyans to pray for him, writing,

✈️ South Africa for treatment 🙏 pray at me please,"


Some of his celebrity friends camped in his comment section with most of them mocking the singer for not only his grammar but also his love for publicity stunts.

Last week, the "Zoea Mawe" singer cried when the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions recalled the file for further perusal.

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Don't forget that the rich singer had arrived at the Kibera Law courts in an ambulance while seemingly in pain!

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His interview at the courthouse was a lesson in acting as he postulated that he would need further treatment abroad.

Naumwa na mkono na Kichwa…(I am feeling pain in my head and hands), mimi sijawahi kujulikana kwa kupiga watu hii mambo yote sisi hufanya kwa mtandao ni ya kufurahisha wakenya(I have never been known to physically fight people. We do the publicity stunts to excite people…nimefanya Head scan na kuna probability ni kama nita have kwenda South Africa kufanya Head scan(I have done the headscan and there is a probability that I will have to go to SA for a head scan) Zaidi. Kwa sababu niliumizwa.(This is because I was hurt).

While Ringtone might be the boy who cried wolf too many a time, this situation he got himself into with Alai looked real from the outset.

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Alai isn't a person who clowns around and most likely had an altercation with him. The problem for many Kenyans with Ringtone is that even at a time like this, he won't still quit with his antics!

Sadly, that is his M.O and it is working as far as user engagement goes. Just look at the followership he has on his Instagram working.
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