Professa Hamo Thanks Andrew Kibe For Reaching Out When He Hit Rock Bottom

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By  | May 25, 2023, 03:57 PM  | Drama

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Comedian Proffesa Hamo has revisited his past miseries when he lost his job at Hot 96 after a dram caught up with him and had him trending for days. In an interview with Andrew Kibe, the comedian thanked him for reaching out at that moment saying Kibe was among the few people who held him down despite criticizing his actions on his Youtube show.
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The comedian went on to open up about hitting rock bottom in 2021 when a scandal about him being a deadbeat father emerged.

The scandal involved a fellow comedian Jemutai who is also her baby mama with two of his children. So Jemutai took to Edgar Obare's page, seeking help as she wanted to sell her Facebook page to be able to foot her bills.

It is then that it came to public light that she has sired children with Professor Hamo.

According to Jemutai Professor Hamo who was then working in Hot96 breakfast show alongside Jeff Koinange had failed to take care of his children, prompting her to sell her Facebook page to be able to pay the bills.

The scandal saw Professor Hamo lose his job at the Royal Media Services and be replaced by Nick Odhiambo on the breakfast show.

Things also took a different turn after the comedian denied the children and demanded a paternity test to ascertain that they are his. All this worked in tainting his image towards his fans as many felt he was outright being irresponsible.

With the intervention of Churchill, the differences between the two were resolved and the comedian took responsibility for the family.

After their reunion, Hamo even acknowledged that Jemutai is his wife. The couple even started working together in events as well as creating content online.

The scandal however left a mark on Hamo's career as he lost endorsements and even the ones that he already had were canceled. He also lost his radio job.

In a past interview, the comedian narrated how he changed from a lost course to getting his path straight with God again. While having an interview with Kalondu Musyimi the comedian narrated how he fell from the peak of his career and went on to lose his job at one of the top radio stations in the country.

The comedian was however grateful that he found his footing in the long run and got back on his feet after a drama with his wife, 
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