Pritty Vishy Denies Paying For Instagram Verification

Deny, deny, deny!

By  | Jan 25, 2023, 08:39 PM  | Drama

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Pritty Vishy is jumping to her own defence amid rumours that she bought her Instagram verification badge. The socialite-cum-influencer earned her much-coveted check mark early this month even though her follower count is comparatively low.

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Taking to her Instagram story, Pritty Vishy scoffed at the rumours saying that it is impossible to buy a verification badge:

"It just amaizes me how pple think my verification gat connections aaaah," she laughed, adding this challenge to her detractors, "If you think it's that way then do it too. You think verification is like buying followers aaaah haya nunueni basi."

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Pritty Vishy calls out big influencers
It wasn't even 24 hours since Pritty Vishy got her Instagram verification badge, and she already had some things to get off of her chest about some of the other big Instagram influencers whom she feels despise her.

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After spending most of last night basking in the verification good news, Pritty Vishy woke up with vayolens this morning. She has taken aim at some unnamed Instagram bigwigs with a bitter long post, writing:

"Ya'll so called influencers with big numbers be so funny. Only because I came from nowhere and did my things even tho ya'll called me names are now mad and trying to make me feel bad.

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Only becoz I got verified in less than a month in this game. Stop in now ya'll can do better than this. I have worked hard for my brand... I might look silly with non classy pictures and video bt just wait for me am coming there just like the way I am here."

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Pritty Vishy vs Stevo Simple Boy
Content creator and influencer Pritty Vishy came out to refute claims that she is still into her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy. Some fans have observed that the content creator is always up against Stevo every time Stevo makes an announcement especially to do with relationships.

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For instance yesterday the rapper announced that he was in a relationship and Pritty was all up on social media laughing it off. The influencer has however said that she is over Stevo and the reason she laughed off the dating news is that she knows it's all a clout-chasing gimmick to attract attention.

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Stevo and Pritty Vishy broke up early in 2022 and ever since there has been a back-and-forth between the ex-lovers with each accusing the other of one thing or the other.
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