Pierra Makena's Woes

"They want us to starve"

By  | Aug 01, 2021, 03:30 PM  | Drama

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Many people can agree to this -COVID19 has not just been hard on each and every one of us. It has been debilitating almost to a large majority. People have been erased from their places of work. Lives have been ruined, we have lost loved ones. It has been hard.
For many of us, entertainers and everything they bring has been what we use to distract ourselves in these hard times. They spread joy and it's great to have that around us, even if it's for one night.
However, the entertainers themselves have admitted that they are suffering as well!
It has not been easy for the artists that rely on performing to make their money because the regulations stipulated have been disabling for their artistry.
Pierra has been the latest celebrity to have this happen to her.
Yesterday, Pierra Makena one of the biggest female DJs in the country had her event cancelled by the government at the last minute due to disobeying regulations set up.

Her Park And Chill event has been moving across the countries spreading cheer but this time it was cancelled indefinitely. What was worse was that this came after they sold tickets and had already set up everything they needed including food vendors and other kinds of vendors who had invested.
She took to her Instagram to tell her followers what had happened and to apologise to them cause they were annoyed as well. 
"What is wrong with being part of the solution?????? People need to survive...we need solutions!!!! Kenyans are killing themselves because they don't have a solution. Wakenya hawajakataa corona iko....they are just tired and frustrated. We want to be part of the solution but dont tell us to stay home and wear our masks only!! Tell us where we will get our food tomorrow. Its been long...
So i do a peaceful event following all covid protocols and then tomorrow you arrest me and throw me in a police truck 200 of us??and to a small cell 200 of us??? Where is the social distancing you keep preaching??? Can we be real???"

"I hate it what people generalise everything!!!
Take it from me! I know COVID is real! I have lost close people but that does not mean we die of hunger! I am an entertainer and a creative and i will contonue to look for different ways to fit in the new normal. I am part of the solution! But!! If the governement tells ke to stay outside i the rain because the house has been invaded then i agree then they need to be PART OF THE SOLUTION and give me atleast an unbrella."
This was after people came at her telling her that her gatherings were wrong in the first place. 

She is still battling the authorities on the event, it's looking bleak for her. 
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