Ommy Dimpoz Mourns The Death Of His Girlfriend

Rest in peace

By  | Dec 04, 2022, 06:33 PM  | Drama

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Popular Make up artist and girlfriend to bongo star Ommy Dimpoz  Maya Mia is dead. The beautiful makeup artist was known to be going out with Ommy Dimpoz since 2020.

Dimpoz has taken to his social media where he has posted several photos taken together with Mia and captioned "Rest in peace my love."

Mia also dated Tanzania's comedian Idris Sultan who has also eulogized her on his social media platforms.

It is not clear what caused the death of Maya Mia but initial reports p ointto a possible suicide. May her friends and family find peace and comfort at this difficult time.

Rejecting His father

Recently Ommy Dimpoz hit the headlines after he came  out to reject his father through his social media pages,  following an outcry by the said father to Ommy to go and help him.

Ommy turned down the pleas adding that he has never been close to his father for more than twenty years. According to Ommy Dimpoz t,he father rejected him when he was a kid since his mother had him outside the confines of a marriage.
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Ommy went on to explain that his mother died when he was in primary school and his father never showed up to help him or even condole with him for the loss. He sighted malice and insincerity from the said father who now wanted him to recognize him saying that is only the case because he made it in life.

Ommy challenged his followers to learn to take responsibility for their children to avoid regretting it in the future. The singer further added that the most precious gift any parent can offer their children is their love and time, something his father failed to offer since he was a small kid.

Ommy is not the only superstar who has rejected his father in broad day light. It is the same script for fellow super star Diamond Platinumz.

The differences between Diamond and the father  Abdul go way back even before his mother denied him being Diamond's father. The main issue from the start was Diamond's claims that mzee Abdul had abandoned them when they were young and broke.

In 2019 however Diamond agreed to meet his ‘father’ Mzee Abdul after years of being apart. The two appeared to have reconciled with each other but the reconciliation was short-lived.

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