Oga Obinna And Liz Jackson Share Contacts Days After Taking Alfred Mutua's Number

Hii imeenda

By  | Nov 26, 2022, 12:56 PM  | Drama

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Kenyans will always choose violence. Kiss Fm/ Radio Presenter cum comedian Oga Obinna has recreated a video of former Machakos governor Alfred Mutua who was captured in the state house sharing his contacts with Spm Buzz digital strategist Liz Jackson.

Oga Obinna was attending comedian Eddie Butita's Laugh and Jazz concert that happened last night. Oga Obinna met Liz who was among the presenters and mimicked their viral video with Alfred Mutua. 

He captioned the photo saying: "Hebu mniite CS ama sina Foreign Affairs?? O&L manenoz". The video has raised alot of attention with people saying: 'Hii imeenda.'

How it started
A few days ago Kenyans were left reacting after a video of the new foreign Affairs Cabinet secretary Alfred Mutua sharing his contacts with Liz Jackson surfaced online.

Liz instantly rose from being a not-so-much-known journalist to a nationally recognized media personality. This she says has changed her life in ways she never expected. Now people get to notice her wherever she goes and the story attracted so much attention to her.

Liz Jackson to many Kenyans was another lady who saw an opportunity and maximized it by shooting her shot at the former governor. However, according to the journalist, it is not what it looked like for many Kenyans.

Did she exchange greetings with the cabinet secretary? yes. Did she get his number? yes. That being the case however her intentions as she says were purely different from what many thought. According to Liz, she took the number with the sole purpose of trying to get an interview with the CS in the future.

She even explains that she did not know she was trending until she logged on to Twitter and saw the former governor trending, and on clicking the links there she was beside him in all the posts.

Liz however says she is single and ready to settle with any man who is generous and has money in plenty. Doesn't Alfred Mutua fit that category just right? In a past podcast Liz said clearly that she needs a man who earns more than her stating that any man who earns 90, 000 cannot be her match as that is just her house rent.

Liz is a young reporter for the online news outlet Stage Presence Media (SPM) Buzz and has recently been covering state events as well as cultural events. The gap-toothed hottie also hosts a podcast called Friends Vibes alongside comedian Eddie Butita on YouTube.

Back in September, Alfred Mutua hinted that he was ready to replace his ex Lillian Ng'ang'a after telling a local website that he is sampling the dating pool. "I'm meeting many interesting people," he said. Mutua is also not jaded by his failed relationship with Lillian. He looks forward to getting married again, but he is not in any hurry to do so: "If you meet someone and fall in love and click, then you can marry them."

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