Obinna Gives Advice To The Single And Searching

To those who have, more shall be added unto them

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 02:51 PM  | Drama

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Well, the statement that Nairobi is one big bedroom could not be further from the truth going by the latest advice Obinna has given the singles club who are hunting for partners in Nairobi.

According to the comedian, single people have lesser chances of getting a partner in the city under the sun compared to people who are already married or already in a relationship.

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In simple words, Obinna is saying to those who have one partner more shall be added unto them, and to those who don't have any, they shall continue being single for as long as they are in Nairobi.

The comedian was attributing this to the fact that there are more infidelity and cheating dramas than there are with single people. The comedian has long been known to hold controversial opinions on matters of relationships.

The comedian recently threw a spanner into works in his morning show with Kamene Goro. While reacting to a story of a pastor who advised ladies to treat their men well to prevent them from cheating, Obinna differed saying that a cheating man will cheat regardless of what you do to him or for him.

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"The pastor thinks that if a woman treats their man right he won't cheat? A lady will karanga bulbs and marinate, she will go to the gym and do everything including in the bedroom. She will manage finances well like a Kikuyu, she will prosper education-wise like a Luo, and she will be resilient like a Kalenjin. a man will still cheat." the comedian said.
He went on to add that men don't cheat because they don't; love their women and a man cheating has nothing to do with the woman he is married to. There are rather other reasons that are out of the woman's sphere.

Obinna appears to be an expert in these matters as he was recently recorded making a statement implying that men naturally cheat and if a man is not cheating, it's not because he wants to be faithful but there are factors holding him back.

The comedian further advised ladies to be more careful before they say their men don't cheat. According to Obinna, it is natural for men to cheat in a relationship, and even if there are men who don't cheat, the reason is that they can't due to circumstances.

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Among the circumstances that make men not cheat he said are either he is broke, lacks the confidence to approach a lady, he doesn't have time perhaps because you are all around him, or just because no one wants him. What he was sure about is that men don't remain faithful just because of love.

Last month Obinna was trending for being practical about his argument. His baby mama had an interview with Presenter Ali where she accused him of cheating on her with a sugar mama.

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